Just a Load of Laundry Away from Success



It’s often not a terrible disaster that railroads our success. Instead, it is a long, slow train of time-consuming, stress-inducing annoyances. Ever skim over articles that promise women success? The ones that offer easy how-to tips, that guarantee that you’ll soon be glowing with success, busting the glass ceiling or being in full bloom.

Do you chuckle and turn to another article because your thoughts are more in line with, “I can’t do all of these things. Have you seen the piles on my laundry room floor?” Do you find your daily goals to be much more achievable, like getting out the door on time or figuring out what’s for dinner?

There is a direct correlation between your ordinary dreams – like reaching into your closet to get dressed and finding what you need- and your in-full-bloom dreams, where you actually achieve your goal. It could be more work responsibility, a new position, a new job or more time to pursue your interests.

My husband calls this the “eaten by weevils” concept. Weevils are really teeny-tiny insects. If you were attacked by weevils, it would be very slow, tiny bites. It would take forever to be eaten by weevils. So sometimes, his unproductive day wasn’t caused by some giant calamity, but rather by a series of small, tiny annoyances and interruptions. “I was eaten by weevils all day,” he’ll announce with slumped shoulders.

For women who manage a household, these “weevils” tend to be a sink full of dishes, a lack of groceries, too many chores to do all at one time, a closet that needs an organizing overhaul and a continuous pile of clothes thrown over a chair in the bedroom. How in the world can you carve out time to focus on the important things when you’re so overwhelmed?

If you really want to succeed, concentrate on the small stuff first. Really. Imagine leaving the house in the morning ready for the day. You’d be able to focus fully on the day, working to your full potential. You’d be much less stressed and much more productive and happier, a byproduct of less stress.

Tackle one of these areas with a swift kick of organization. Focus on one area and finish one area at a time before starting another. Looking Polished and Put Together. It doesn’t require a fortune in wardrobe funds. Organize your closet. Get rid of the outdated garments. Put all of your work clothes together so you can make good use of them. Match up a week’s worth of outfits. Sort out jewelry and add some hooks to your closet wall so you can see and use it all. Finally, clean out that vanity. Ditch old makeup and beauty supplies and organize the vanity so you can quickly apply, tidy up and head out for the day.

Conquering Chores. Instead of always feeling that everything needs doing to be done right away, get organized. Create a list of chores that you do regularly. Divide them into your calendar so that you can accomplish something every day. Include a regular time to do laundry in this list. This way, you spread out the work, build in free time and don’t end up in chaos.

Keeping Food on the Table—Literally. Make a menu and grocery list for the week. Shop once. When you run in the store for a few items over and over, you eat up time you need for other things. Keep that menu and list on your phone or computer. After a few weeks of developing these, you can repeat a week’s plan.

These are just a few ideas for categorizing the small annoyances that buzz at your brain, keep you muddled and prevent you from focusing. You might have mounds of paperwork, a host of children’s activities, clutter that needs addressing and a newborn baby to top it all off. Since it isn’t possible to do everything at one time, the key is to try to move one category from disorder to order.

Choose a small dream. Maybe it is just to find your kitchen countertop! But choose one category to get greater control. Work at it a bit at a time. The more you control the chaos, the more you can indeed look at steps to success without a chuckle.

It is possible to come into full bloom. It just may begin with one load of laundry at a time.