Keep doing what you’re doing—you’re on the right track!

Business woman working at home
Business woman working at home

The end of the year is a time when you see many lists of all things change for the year to come. The assumption is that the previous year didn’t go well and that the plans and goals created at the beginning of the year did not come to pass. It doesn’t show much faith in the focus and determination of the common woman. But now is the time to take all of the best parts of the good year you just had and use it as a starting place for the great year ahead.

In 2015:

1) Network and connect. Connecting with coworkers and like-minded people became a part of your everyday routine this past year. In the New Year, take those connections and expand them. Possibly meet up at a lunch or a seminar. Join a meet-up with one of your coworkers who has similar outside interests. Networking isn’t just a career move but a necessary supplement to the lifestyle of success you are building.

2) Hone your skills. A person can never know everything there is to know about any given subject. Continue to discuss and learn more about your craft through LinkedIn groups, weekly newsletters, seminars, podcasts, and (if you can swing it) a weeklong boot camp. The more you learn about your field, the more you will find you still have to learn. This doesn’t take away from you being an “expert,” but it shows just how knowledgeable you are by continuing to learn more.

3) Keep your professional appearance relevant. Check your LinkedIn profile monthly to make sure it reflects where you are professionally. Google yourself—are the results reflecting all of the hard work you’ve put this past year? Clean up and toss out things on your desk from past projects. Make your desk a reflection of what you’re working on now. As for your appearance, flip through some fashion and business magazines to see how your workday uniform (including hair and makeup) stands up to the looks of today.

4) Lastly, keep doing what you’re doing. In 2014, you became clear about your goals, plotted out a plan, and set a course to achieve them.“Keep Going,” “Nothing happens overnight,” “If it were easy, everyone would be successful”—you get the picture. In the past 12 months you have made major strides to get where you are today. We can’t wait to see where you are by the end of 2015!

Everyone has room for improvement. Even the most successful people, regardless of their specialties, strive to get better and reach new goals every year. Pushing yourself to do more, be more, and acquire more doesn’t mean where you are and what you’ve done so far isn’t good enough. All it means is that you have more to do. Keep doing what you’re doing in 2015!