Know Your Stuff and Show Your Stuff

A Woman Who Walks Confidently
A Woman Who Walks Confidently

You are an awesome woman--full of all kinds of greatness that the people in your world need to experience. You are unique, an expert, and an asset to those around you. It’s wonderful when someone else sees your greatness, but are you courageous enough to own it? Do you believe in yourself enough to boldly stand before an audience of one or 1,000 to confidently improve their lives by sharing what you have to offer? Are you a confident woman? You possess valuable intellectual property and it's time for you to stand up and show your stuff. Confidence, broadly defined as full trust, is a necessary skill for women who want to show their world what they have to offer. A degree of confidence is developed from how you feel about yourself, but the unwavering confidence is the byproduct of what you know. Knowing that you are great, knowing that you have valuable wisdom to share, knowing that you're good at what you do, and knowing that your audience benefits from what you offer are all things that build your confidence. Becoming an expert at your gift (given subject area) will build your confidence. Therefore, you must make a commitment to lifelong learning. A confident woman always strives to get better.

Surprisingly enough, your confidence is less about you and more about the people who need to benefit from what you have to offer. Yes, people benefit from you, and you can't be selfish about that. As a confident woman, you have an obligation and responsibility to show your stuff and share your wisdom so that others can get better. Your wisdom is exactly what someone needs to get to their next level in life. You are someone’s answer! You can’t afford to keep your wisdom to yourself. You must accept your responsibility, build your confidence and take the stage!

Your audience is waiting for you to inspire and inform them. There are people who need exactly what you have to offer in the unique manner in which you offer it. Will you take the challenge and confidently take your place? You are amazing and it's time for you to own that by becoming an expert and sharing your expertise. Get wisdom, and be bold! Doing so will increase your confidence and help you find your platform to shine. You know your stuff! Show your stuff!

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