Learn from Other Women

The women in your life can help you become an even better you
The women in your life can help you become an even better you

Women are awesome! God has given every woman the ability to impact her family, environment, and community positively with her abundance of skills and talents. Some women are trailblazers and trendsetters, while others are masters of multitasking and juggling numerous hats. Women are educated, wealthy and healthy. Women totally rock. Every woman is capable of doing amazing things. Setting a priority for continuous personal growth will keep you moving toward new amazing goals. Personal development is your purposeful effort always to get better. Deliberately learning from the examples of other women is an excellent personal development strategy.

Have you ever read interviews of successful women? Although the details of their stories may differ, there is one thing they each have in common: successful women have the ability to identify other women who motivate them or from whom they draw influence. This commonality is a clue for any woman who desires success. Successful women learn from other successful women.

Here are a few tips for learning from other women:

1. Study successful women you admire – Identify five women you truly admire, and note the reasons you admire them. Is it their work ethic, character, innovation, drive, appearance, wisdom? There is likely a pattern or a common cord that connects these women. What is it?

2. Think about successful women you avoid – Identify five women who are not your cup of tea, and note your reasons for aversion. This is not an activity in pettiness but, rather, an honest assessment of the traits you need to avoid in your own life. What don’t you like about these women? What do they have in common?

3. Analyze the data – What have you learned from both groups of women? Create a list of traits and habits that you want to incorporate—and possibly a few that you need to eliminate—from your life.

4. Implement change in your life – Create a plan to implement what you’ve learned from the examples of others’ successes. Your goal is not to become like them but, rather, to apply their winning habits to your life. Your implementation plan should be meaningful and an authentic reflection of the real you.

The world is full of successful women. Wise women learn from the examples of successful women and apply the examples to their own lives. Now that you have identified a group of women you admire, personally or from a distance, turn your admiration into personal tutoring. Learning to learn from other women propels you further down your road to becoming one of those women in your own way.