No More Maybe or Someday: Your Dream Starts Today


I recently talked with a new coach who desires to make her coaching business a success. When I spoke to her about the idea of making $100K or more in her coaching business, it seemed like a far-off dream. She said, “Sure, I would love that to happen one day” and “maybe someday,” but not today.

Do you have a “maybe someday” dream or career goal that seems far off? If so, I want you to know there are women out there making your dream a reality for themselves.

Is there any reason why their reality couldn’t be your reality, too? Actually, there is. They didn’t say maybe someday—they said today. But the good news is: you can choose today, too.

It’s time to say, “No” to the excuses and focus on starting your dream today. Here are steps to get you started:

1. Get over the fear that’s holding you back. For me, it was putting myself out there with all of my insecurities and flaws. Once I worked through that, I realized how silly it was to let that stop me from achieving my dream. In fact, I now see those flaws as assets because, after all, we all have them. We might as well use them!

2. Determine your ideal client. This is an essential step for success. In developing a client persona, you make it easy for clients to find you later when you market your business. You’ll know exactly who you’re marketing to, and all of your products, services and branding will speak to specific clients on a personal level.

3. Get clarity on your business model. By determining how you are going to earn money from your new business with a clear plan, you’ll be able to apply that to all of your business decisions. Making money will always be a part of your action steps.

4. Get clear on your business values. Be honest with yourself about why you want this business and what the most important values are. Every time I have a big decision to make, I come back to this and say, “Is this in line with my values and what’s most important to me?” If it’s not, I have my answer.

5. Create your products and write blog posts. No, it’s not too early. So many clients tell me they wish they had started earlier with these two aspects of their businesses. Go back to your client persona and your business model, and create the product that clients want to buy.

6. Make a plan for replacing your current salary. This is different than your business model. Take a look at how much you’re making now and how long it will take you to replace that fully with income from your business. This is not the time to say you’ll take a pay cut because eventually, you’re not going to be able to keep that up. You can replace your salary and then some. I made far more in my first full year as a coach than I ever did working in corporate America.

7. Book a photo shoot. This is one of my favorites! You’re going to need beautiful photos of yourself for your business. If you do this right away, you’ll be able to use them for your branding and website.

8. Develop your brand. Once you get to this step, you’ll already have your client persona, your business plan and values. You’ll have a phenomenal product and fabulous photos. It’ll be easy to put it all together with a cohesive, personal and beautiful brand.

9. Build your team and technology. Develop your website infrastructure and a team to support you, including a business coach who sees your potential even when you don’t.

By now, you’ve probably guessed it. The only difference between “maybe someday” and “today” is getting started!