Nothing Is Too Tricky for You

You are your most valuable asset in the workplace
You are your most valuable asset in the workplace

The workplace can be a very tricky environment, but it shouldn’t be a place where you feel like you have to change the unique individual you are. It would be easy if all you had to concern yourself with was actually doing your job, whatever that is. To show up every day with your job description and go down the pre-defined list would be so clear and easy. Your productivity would triple just because you did your one and only job every day. But that’s not what you do every day at work. You wake up, get dressed, show up and maneuver through all of the social mores of the workplace. None of this is bad or good—it is just what everyone everywhere who goes to work on a daily basis has to deal with. There is a secret that makes everything seem to flow easily when navigating the day. What is the secret? The secret is you.

The best way to maneuver through office life is to be yourself. Who you are was enough for the company to hire you. So without question, who you are is enough to succeed without being someone you are not. The best parts of you come naturally—your smile, the way you speak to everyone, your directness when resolving an issue, the way you keep eye contact when speaking to someone. Or maybe it’s the way you dress or how you pull the team together in the ninth hour of a pending deadline. No one in the office could ever be you, so step into it. You’ve accomplished so much and grown in so many ways. You are happy with the woman you’ve become. It is who you’ve become that makes everything around you better. It’s easy for you to list your skills and let the world know you are the expert at what you do. But, how much of an expert are you at being you? Make a list of what makes you who you are when you are in a room with others.

The list might look something like this:

• You remember everyone’s name, including the major clients • You are able to recount details of meeting conversations without reading from notes • You are able to keep everyone’s spirits up with banter, jokes or witty observations • No matter what, you can be counted on to pitch in, help out and lend moral support • You are personable—people leave your presence feeling good and light inside • You dress stylish and professional with a touch of sparkle

This is a small list, but your list could go on and on. There is no ending to how you being you makes the difference in the office. Don’t leave who you are at the door when you enter the office—make sure all of you walks in the door with you. If you leave yourself at home when you go to work, you’re showing up as less than yourself. The elements of your style, your personality and the way you view a situation are all a part of what makes you the you everyone waits to show up every day to make the office grind and shine.