Own Your Mentality|Make the choice today.


The first thing I do every single morning before my feet touch the floor is say, “I love you Lord!” Then, I look at my vision and prayer board (which is on my night stand). In other words, I acknowledge God and the plans He has for my life. I read the Word for about 20 minutes, write in my prayer journal, and do some deep stretches. I’m purposely setting my mentality for the day with my faith and my goals. More importantly, I’m doing it before the rigor of my day begins because I know that the right mentality determines my level of effectiveness and success. I, not the events of my day, establish my mentality. My mentality is set to win. If things go exactly according to the plan or if things spiral into “Crazyville,” I’m mentally ready!

Mentality is “the characteristic attitude of mind or way of thinking of a person or group.” Your mentality is the way you think and your outlook concerning a particular situation. The operative word here is “your.” Your mentality, good or bad, belongs to you. You own it. You are responsible for it and you can change it any time you like. You are responsible for the way you think. For years, I didn’t understand this truth so I allowed my current condition to mold my thinking. When things were good, my outlook was good. When things were bad, my outlook was bad. I, like many women, was a mentality yo-yo, and it showed in everything I did. My production at work was up and down. My friendships were up and down. My weight was up and down. My life was a great big yo-yo.

One day, I made the decision to take control of my thinking. My decision was so radical because I sped right past the “let me think about changing” and “let me talk about changing” stages. I jumped right into, “Today, I am taking complete ownership of my mentality,” and it was one of the best decisions of my life. The result is I’m sincerely and perpetually joyful! I have joy about myself, family, career and finances. People know me as “that happy lady” (and I love it). First, I made the choice to change (and I did actually change), and then the joy came. The change had to happen first. What about you? Do you need a mentality change and are you willing to change?

The mentality you bring to the table, any table, absolutely determines your probability for success. The status of your spiritual growth, family, relationships, health, and finances all hinges on how you think. If you want more of the same, then you are welcome to maintain the same thinking. But if you want something different, you need to think differently. Make the decision today, right now. Don’t stay the same; employ a new mentality. Set yourself up to win!