Prioritization Wins


While the summertime can mean vacations and relaxation for some, other women are still trying to manage the daily operations of their small businesses and have time to enjoy the sun. It’s possible that these same women are members of families and trying to play the role of Superwoman all the while. Realistically, the results can lead to stress, chaotic moments or an overall lackluster lifestyle. Hope has put together a few solutions for the ambitious business woman to achieve a surprisingly productive and memorable summer.

REALITY CHECK: Avoiding chaos is almost impossible. In an ideal situation, a business owner has a plan, understands her clientele and offers a valued expertise or service in order to maintain a solid operation. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, small businesses should note the 5 Pillars of Success, naming “the Plan” as the second most important aspect. This level of organization can help alleviate stress and help owners address unexpected drama with clear minds. However, regardless of the presumed business plan, owners and entrepreneurs can still be faced with delinquent tasks that often pile up from day to day. Consequently, you could become victim to the often inevitable chaos that slips into the operations of your once organized business plan.

Don’t let potential chaos overhaul your ambition. Oftentimes, there are unknown factors causing the chaos—drastic weather changes, the closing of a major distributor, personal matters, etc. In fact, if you are not prepared, these unknown factors can lead to an imbalance of emotions and derail you from reaching your ultimate goals. Through time management, proper goal-setting and prioritizing downtime, these solutions can help you eliminate the chaos head-on.

STEP 1: Remove the clutter! Alexandra Franzen, a communications expert we featured last summer, explains the theory behind using your calendar to eliminate chaos in your life. Her first step is to challenge you to address your daily agendas. ● Self-titled “Clutterologist” Lauriann Stepp is a professional and holistic home organizer who is fond of removing clutter among physical spaces in order to eliminate potential clutter of the mind. She states that clutter in the home can often lead to emotional chaos if not addressed. She helps others achieve stress-free lives by offering site visits to business and homeowners.

STEP 2: Line up your calendar commitments with your personal or professional goals. ● Through her candid podcasts, Myleik Teele, founder of, teaches you how to take ownership of how your time is spent. Realign your priorities and maintain clarity on how you are reaching them. Teele shares tips on her weekly podcasts through her own journey as a small business owner.

STEP 3: Remember to decompress.Susan Solovic is an expert in small business and often reminds women to put their personal health first while pursuing their business or creative ventures. The only way to put personal health first is by slowing down.

These practical tips can assist you this summer, not only with achieving balance in your business but also in allowing you to enjoy the breaks that you deserve.