Reboot your career


You don’t have to switch companies or even apply for a new job to reboot your career. A few tips can help you move your career in a new direction and give you renewed passion and energy for work.

Your company hired you for something specific, but who says you can’t put the word out in other departments about what you can offer? If you’re available, ask to sit in on the accounting meeting or marketing. Use the connections you’ve made in the breakroom, at the coffee machine and at lunch to get you entry into the places you know your skills will shine. You don’t want to have a stagnant career and only stay within one skill set. Take every opportunity to exploit all the talents you have that can grow your career as well as the company.

Keep it moving! Don’t start to finish one project, wait to see how it goes, evaluate the outcome then start the next project; instead start and start and start. Sometimes you can not only start a project but delegate all the details then just check back into it at specific points. If your goal is to take your career and spread it over multiple areas, then you have to plant continuous seeds watering and pruning as you go.

Lastly, time is the most valuable asset you possess. Break your time into two categories: career and personal. Then be careful to define what is considered personal. Depending on how you look at your life, doing your laundry, grocery shopping and paying bills are all personal. However, are they so personal you have to take blocks of your time to complete them? No, you do not. Make as many of your bills automated, then look at what you truly eat on a regular basis. Maybe those weekly trips to the grocery store aren’t as necessary as you think. Online shopping might be just what you need. As for laundry and cleaning, what is your time worth to you? A few extra dollars and doing a bi-weekly Groupon search for housecleaning is well worth giving up a couple of lunches out.

When dreaming of the career you want, don’t think it all has to wait until you “make it.” Many aspects of the life you have in mind can be had right this very moment, but like with everything else, you have to see it from a different perspective and embrace a chance to reboot and change things up.