The Balance of Work and Leisure

Happy woman at cafe using laptop
Happy woman at cafe using laptop

Last week, in addition to my two regular days off, I took three days off from work. My major event during my mini-vacation was attending a wedding approximately four hours from my home. Although I got lost, I had a wonderful time driving up, talking to God, listening to music and just thinking about life and my future.

On the other days of my vacation, I did some work for my business and completed a lot of errands. I was productive. There were also times where I simply just rested, relaxed and did activities I enjoyed.

Sometimes my mother has to tell me to take a break, saying I overwork myself. It’s true. I do work very hard. That’s because I’m on a mission to make my dreams come true. But, I also make it a priority to enjoy life, reward myself and detach from work.

I didn’t always know the meaning or value of a healthy balance between work and play and what it looked like. But, I’ve learned what it means for me, the value and how to execute it. The ideal balance for every woman may be different, but we’ll have things in common. Some days we’ll push ourselves to the maximum limit, without leisure. Other days we work hard and interject leisure. Days we do equal work and have equal rest and fun. And still other days we solely have leisure.

For the past six months, you have worked hard. Give yourself a lot of credit for what you have done. Pat yourself on the back. Kudos to you! You’ve grown your business. You’ve hired people. Developed a new product or service. Mastered your craft. Written a book. You’ve studied for countless hours. You’ve been a devoted wife and mother.

You are the epitome of success and hard work. To continue for the rest of the year with passion, strength and excellence, you have to ensure you enjoy life and get adequate rest. One of my favorite and therapeutic things to do is go out alone, whether to dinner or the movies.

You need a balance of work and leisure or you may never get to achieve or enjoy what you’re working so hard for. Some people climb the ladder of success and find when they reach the top that it’s not everything they hoped for, because they’re exhausted and burnt out, having sacrificed family and peace of mind to get there, and it doesn’t seem worth it. It’s not enjoyable. It’s not as rewarding as they thought it would be.

You’re halfway there. Take care of beautiful, hardworking and successful you so you can finish 2017 with the evidence of your hard work. Take care of yourself so you can finish 2017 mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually sound. That is my desire and prayer for you. Now, here’s to a remaining amazing 2017!