Three Little Words: Thank You Notes


Most people give chocolates and flowers. A wonderful way for you to show your appreciation for the special people in your life is by crafting handwritten thank-you notes. Thank-you notes are a personal gesture that demonstrates your thoughtfulness and attention to detail. A well-written note on beautiful stationery expresses to the recipients: I notice your efforts, I care, and you’re worth my time and attention. Your note will make a beautiful impression on the memory of the receivers, with no impact on their waistline or allergies. A well-written thank you note must be personal. This is rule number one. So throw away any mass production ideas. Your note need not be long, but should be written in your own handwriting, include specific details, and the reason for the note. You may be wondering why you need to hand-write your notes. Writing the notes takes time and effort; therefore, doing so is an act of going the extra mile for your recipient. Your handwriting deepens the meaning of the personal gesture. Details may include dates, locations and/or specific gifts. Reasons may include: the role a person plays in your life, or the support they offer you, someone’s participation in a particular event, or for a particular gift or gesture that has been extended to you. A thank-you note is the written expression of your gratitude.

Your thank you, because it’s coming from and represents you, deserves beautiful stationery. Stationery includes note cards, flat cards, and individual sheets of paper. It comes in an array of colors, weights, patterns, sizes and price ranges. Give careful thought to selecting stationery that reflects you and your personality. Are you fun, whimsical, refined, corporate, formal, trendy-chic? Your stationery should make a statement about you because it carries your personal sentiments. You can purchase stationery in bulk or a few pieces at a time. You can even make your own.

The Vetta Cash Guide for Crafting Thank You Notes -

• Be sincere. • Use your own words. • Select quality stationery. • Include specific details about why you’re sending the note. • Double check your spelling, especially the recipient’s information. • Sign your name. • Expect nothing in return. • Don’t send an email. If you must send an electronic note (handwritten is always nicer), use a service that specializes in e-stationery. • Do not request feedback from the recipient. • Do not be suggestive or sarcastic.

There’s something very special about receiving a thank-you note in the mail or on your desk. Surprise some of the special people in your life by sending well-written thank-you notes on beautiful stationery. Use heartfelt words that sincerely convey your appreciation for the recipient and their kind gesture towards you. Thank you notes are a wonderful way to honor those you appreciate, and you’ll be surprised to know that a thank-you note goes a long way.