Time to Wake up That Dream!

Get ready to chase your desires and step into your destiny.
Get ready to chase your desires and step into your destiny.

People often miss out on prime opportunities simply because they aren’t willing to take chances. Ever wonder how a person just seems to fall into a “good thing”? One day, she is just going along like you, working and living life day-to-day. A few weeks or so later, you hear this person is working someplace else at double her salary, doing something she loves. Or, you bump into her on her last day in town, only to find out she is moving someplace she never thought she would. How do these things happen? What are others doing that you aren’t? Staying open to future possibilities of life and believing in the dreams they have for themselves.

People who seem to walk into their destiny are just as afraid as you are. They know what they haven’t done, their shortcomings, and what they still need to learn. The voices of doubt, both in their heads and sitting around them, tell them the age-old story of negativity: “You can’t,” “What makes you think you can?” “What makes you think you’re so much better than anyone else and can do this?” The fear is swirling inside of them; at times they, too, feel paralyzed. As the fear bubbles up and the voices get stronger and louder, they take deep breaths and step forward anyway. Hands shaking, sweat beading down their foreheads, they say “yes” to the future waiting for them. They hold their heads up high and move forward, even in their fear.

They know they can always come back to the same job, the comfort of their hometown, and the familiarity of family. You can always find another job if the one you’re about to take doesn’t work out, and they know this. What they don’t know is what will happen if they take this step. Most individuals have dreams but really have no idea what avenue it will take to get them there. You don’t know if it will be through the job you have held for years, the skillset you have honed being used in a different way, or possibly some skill that you didn’t even realize could be used to move forward. You don’t know what will take you to your destiny. Be open and willing to give life’s opportunities a try. Will all of the dreams you have for yourself—some you’ve told and others you’ve kept secret—come true? Is this the avenue that is going to take you to the destiny that is waiting for you? Destiny requires some change, and change can be good.

To quote the late Leonard Nemoy as Dr. Spock from Star Trek, “Change is the essential process of all existence.” If change is the essential process, and the place you are in right now isn’t moving you toward your dreams, then it is possible that this new opportunity that has presented itself to you that doesn’t look like anything you have ever done before could possibly be just what you are supposed to do next. Destiny doesn’t have a format, standard or script. Destiny— your destiny—was created and designed just for you. Go forward into your destiny, and watch all of your dreams unfold.