Turn Up, But Stay Professional


‘Tis the season! It’s time to let loose and enjoy yourself with decorating, shopping and, of course, many holiday parties. Every department at work may be having their own holiday party, along with business partners, managers and leads. Be encouraged, and enjoy them all—but be careful. Remember, whatever goes onto the Internet is there forever. Don’t allow a little holiday fun to tear down your reputation that you have worked so hard to build in the corporate world.

Here are some things to consider:

1) It’s a holiday party, so dress festive. However, remember that you have an image to uphold. Save the skin-tight, revealing clothing and thigh-high skirts for a more private function with friends.

2) Toast to the good year the company has had, the new clients, and the successful teams that have been built. But limit your sips. There’s no need to fill up on spirits among your coworkers.

3) Everyone will be snapping selfies and group pictures, but be conscious of being photographed with a glass in your hand. If you’re not taking a sip, sit the glass down on a table near you.

4) Have a great time—laugh, talk, and mingle. But know when it’s time to go home. Never be the last one at a work affair. Make your rounds, connect and go home.

Holiday parties are a chance for coworkers—including management and fellow co-workers—to have an opportunity to see you in a different light. Just as you are detailed about every step of your career, be detailed about the light in which they see you during this holiday season.