Unlocking Your Mental Prison Doors


My thoughts imprisoned me, and I didn’t even know it. You know how you think you are protecting yourself with your thoughts, but you have no idea that it’s really stunting your growth? When I was in my mid-20s, I attended a leadership seminar that the company I worked for required for all new managers. The instructor was awesome. She was very engaging, funny and smart. She told great stories that really helped to make her point. In that moment, I knew I wanted to be a speaker and a trainer. I thought to myself, “I want to do this for a living.”

I enrolled in the Dale Carnegie Speaking Course and did quite well. After winning several of the speaking competitions against other participants, one of the instructors told me that I had a natural ability and that I should enroll in the Dale Carnegie School. As a single mother, I couldn’t afford the school. I saved my money and hired a speaker coach. She said, “Becky if you continue at this pace, within a couple of years, you will be known all over the world.” “Wow,” I thought.

After mailing out a hundred marketing flyers, I received a letter from the Dallas County Commissioners Office asking if I would be a featured speaker at a political gala. I froze when I read the letter. In that moment, I became a prisoner of my thoughts. I locked myself inside, closed the door, and threw away the key.

My thoughts took over and said, “They are going to know you’re not smart. You are going to look foolish trying to speak to politicians. What do you know about politics? They are going to want their money back.” And I believed every thought.

I declined the invitation and informed them that I had a prior engagement on that day. From that day, my dream was locked away inside my view of myself for 17 years.

Here is how to win against your negative thoughts by using four steps that speak life:

1. WRITE: Write down 20 affirmations about your ability and the life you will have. 2. READ: Read each one to make sure it’s positive and in present day. Example: “I speak all over the world, helping women achieve success in life and business.” 3. RECORD: Record all of the written affirmations on your phone or any device. 4. RECEIVE: Receive by listening to you tell yourself how powerful you are and what you are capable of doing.

This helped me free myself of my negative thoughts, and it will do the same for you, too.