Using Social Media Wisely in the Workplace


Social media can be a major asset for working professionals. It allows you to connect with colleagues, share information quickly and keep up with industry news. Despite the benefits, there are also important aspects to consider when it comes to using social media wisely in the workplace.

Blurred Lines

As the lines between our personal and professional lives blur on social media, decide what you will and won’t share with your followers. Using good judgment can prevent any unintentional mishaps but if the idea of over-sharing continues to worry you, try using different social media channels for personal versus professional contacts.  Your Facebook page can serve as a hub for all of your personal friends while another site, like Twitter, can be a place to network with professional contacts.  Also make sure your privacy settings reflect your desire for sharing and remember to check them from time-to-time.

Gut check

Always think before you share. Leave the cryptic and emotional status updates behind and think twice about posting anything that could be taken out of context and portray you in a negative light. If you have any doubts about whether a status or photo could come back to haunt you, don’t share it. Even if you delete the photo or status later, nothing is ever truly gone from the internet.

Be aware of your company’s policy

If your company has a social media policy, ensure that you follow it if and when you use social media at work. Most of us are so inundated with company policies that we often forget to read them but it’s important to understand the expectations your company has for your social media use. Most companies also require you to put a disclaimer such as “opinions are my own” in your profile if you mention your employer in your profile.

Social media has something for everyone, regardless of your job type or industry. Remember to use good judgment but have fun exploring how it can best work for you. 

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