You think you can, You think you can


The business world is so unstable right now. In times like this, it’s easy to settle and think, “I’m just glad to have a job.” That type of thinking may sustain you, but it won’t help you progress. How you think affects your career more than the market and economy. Just look around you at people succeeding. You want to believe that what landed them at success’ doorstep is their connections and luck, but they had to think it before it came to be. Walking into work every day, thinking about your daily and long-term objectives will keep you moving in the right direction.

The voice inside your head truly guides how you function on a day-to-day basis. The days when you are on fire at work – moving swiftly with all of the pieces coming together -- are also the days your thoughts are more supportive and filled with what you know to be true about your skills and abilities.

We all dream of success. We see ourselves landing the big client, doubling our sales and of course moving out of the cubicle farm into a spacious office. Dreams are good because they put a smile on our face; but dreams do not equate to goals or actions. If you don’t think it, it can never be conceived. Don’t just keep your thoughts focused on the goal; plan to get there. Choose just one positive career-advancing thought. Now take that thought and repeat it five times slowly out loud, then five times slowly and silently to yourself. Now every morning on your way to work, repeat the thought in your head, adding a vision of what it looks like.

In the beginning, focus on the thought every top of the hour for at least two minutes, including the thought and the picture of what success looks like for you. Try this for a month. After 30 days of consistency, you will have developed a habit. Once it becomes a habit, this will keep your actions and interactions in line with the goal you have in mind. You’ll be able to see opportunities that you may not have seen previously. Focused thinking on success will remove fear of not succeeding out of your mind and spirit.

Regardless of what is going on in the business world, your dreams and goals are still viable. The key to reaching those career goals is clear focus of thought. Believe that you’ll get there. The actions you take will move in the direction of your thoughts, and so will the opportunities.