Young Women Finding Hope to Grow in Their Journeys

The L.I.V.E. Conference provided the opportunity for women to transform their lives.
The L.I.V.E. Conference provided the opportunity for women to transform their lives.

“Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.” Proverbs 31:10 On Saturday, Feb. 8, many women had attended The L.I.V.E. Circle’s Real Virtuous Women of Baltimore Conference. The L.I.V.E. Circle, founded by Tiffany L. Bethea, is a faith-based community that was created to help encourage and prepare young women to live more successful and enriched lives. By attending this touring conference, which is its signature event, young women throughout the nation are able to find inspiration to change their lives during some of their most crucial years.

Bethea and her team have managed to bring together just the right amount of resources for an inspirational, spirit-filling conference for every woman who attends. From the start of the conference, Bethea made it her mission to establish a platform for the women in the room to be as transparent about their journeys. She was more than transparent about hers.

In an effort to speak to the whole woman, The L.I.V.E. Conference jumped right in with a financial breakout session from 27-year financial veteran, JaNean Stubbs-Taylor, from Fruits of Finance. Her ability to speak plainly to women about taking back their power financially, planning, and preparing to open businesses was impactful as she offered her very precious “Nine Fruits of Finance,” which she so eloquently intertwined with the Fruits of the Spirit.

“Branding You” was presented by Natima Fisher from The C Suite. Fisher revealed the common pitfalls when not thinking of yourself as a brand. Additionally, she provided branding advice for those seeking new employment. Her love of branding and talent management poured out in her presentation, leaving every woman with applicable tips to start branding herself appropriately.

The conference continued with an amazing panel, including Bethea, Fisher, Hennither Cole (Career Image), Tonya Kennedy (S.A.L.T. Singles Ministry), and Tragil Wade (America’s Big Sister). This panel discussion allowed for open dialogue about staying virtuous while dealing with the pressures of the world. The ladies were transparent about their mistakes in men, marriage, finance, and how they overcame each experience.

Last—but certainly not least—the conference hit its highest, most emotional moment when Bethea had a candid conversation with her father, Pastor Linwood Bethea (Set the Captives Free Outreach Church). They spoke about a father’s role in a woman’s life and the importance of understanding the history of a man prior to judging him as a father. His words spoke to every woman in the room in a real way. Their conversation gave insight into the many questions women often pose to one another surrounding fatherhood and manhood.

Bethea and her team have embarked upon something so incredibly special that will heal and bless every woman who chooses to get involved. You are encouraged to check out The L.I.V.E Circle and reach out to Tiffany Bethea today to become a blessing to young women on missions to build empires while remaining virtuous.