An Outdated Expert

Staying current on skills in your field can help move you forward in your career.Are you an outdated expert? Have you taken the time to update your skills or are you still using yesterday’s information? You are a bright, intelligent woman who has the ability to be a dominant force in your environment. However, in order to maintain your sharpness and be a cutting-edge career woman, you must stay abreast of new trends, research and processes in your field. Acquiring more knowledge must be a priority for any woman who wants to excel in her career.

We live in a world that is constantly changing. What was new and exciting eight months ago can very well be outdated today. Women who fail to accept this truth are usually the women who plateau in their careers. Those who embrace this truth and adjust accordingly are the women who continue to reach new career heights (and salaries). You can’t be great at a current job with old information. You must have an action plan for continuous knowledge acquisition.

A solid plan for career-related knowledge acquisition should include more than taking a few classes every once in a while. A good plan includes several coexisting elements that create a system for purposeful, perpetual growth. Here are a few of the elements of a good plan:

1. Connect with a mentor – A mentor is a person who serves as an example of how to get to your next level of success. Your relationship with a mentor can be personal or with someone you’ve never met, but can gather vital knowledge from. Both scenarios can be effective, as long as you commit to maximizing the connection.

2. Attend conferences and workshops – Conferences and workshops provide large amounts of valuable information over short periods of time. Participating in these types of events allow you to learn new information while networking with other people in your field.

3. Subscribe to industry-specific journals and magazines – Journals and magazines provide you with a regular influx of industry-specific information, including research, new trends and hot topics.

4. Read books – Reading books allows you to have in-depth, self-paced studies on a particular subject.

5. Take a course – Courses provide you with valuable information. An instructor can help you determine the best way to apply the content to your work.

6. Connect with the right circle of peers – The right circle of friends will motivate and push you to get better.

Staying up-to-date on new trends in your field will help you advance in your career. Plan to create an environment that fosters purposeful and perpetual growth. Your plan should be multifaceted and—most of all—should begin now.