Going Back to School

It’s not too late to get your degreeMany women have a strong desire to return to school or enroll in community college. Fortunately, this dream never dies. It’s never too late to go back to school. The idea of enrolling in college as an adult can be both exciting and intimidating. However, by completing three vital action items now, you position yourself to successfully enroll and complete your desired program.

Action 1: Make the decision to return to school. The first step to enrolling in a formal education program is making a final decision that now is the time to pursue your educational goals. Your decision should be the result of your personal ambitions, and it must also be complete and absolute. You are making a firm promise to you to invest in yourself by achieving your educational goals. Stand firm, and honor your promise—you are going back to school.

Action 2: Determine what you want to study. Applying to college can be a lengthy process. You have to determine your area of study, identify schools and write essays, among a host of other requirements. Now that you’re mature and have more clarity and wisdom about life, what’s next for you? The answer to this question will lead you to the proper programs and schools. From there, you can follow the application process for the schools of your choice. Remember to pay close attention to dates and deadlines. Don’t procrastinate.

Action 3: Develop your support system. Returning to school as an adult will require serious planning. Let’s face it, you’re a grown up with grown-up responsibilities. You have a career, a family, church obligations, and—not to mention—financial commitments. Most women don’t have an abundance of free time and unallocated money. Don’t let this stop you. Your successful transition back to school will require you to enlist a committed group of people (and programs) to support you. Start recruiting now.

Will furthering your education help you get to your next level in life? Make an absolute decision that you want to go to school. The next step is to determine what you want to study. Finally, recruit your support system. You are worth the investment.

Completing your college goals is easier than you think. Let’s get to work!