Half-Time Huddle: It’s time to update your education plan

2.8.13-School-Children-TeacherEvery winning team has a winning game plan—no matter the sport or business, a solid plan is a critical part of the winning process. The same principle applies to your child’s education. It requires a team effort to execute the winning plan. In September of 2014, I wrote an article for Hope for Women that highlighted the importance of approaching your child’s education with a team mentality, and that the team must have a plan. The team members—who consist of you, your child, teachers, coaches, and community/team leaders—are all working from the same plan that you have approved for your child. January is the perfect time to review and adjust your child’s education plan.

Here are a few items to consider:

The Overall Benefit to Your Child – The number one measure of success for your education plan is the happiness and wellbeing of your child. A good plan promotes personal growth and development in your child academically, socially, athletically, and morally. Is your child experiencing overall growth?

Grades vs. Understanding of Academic Information – By now you are having regular conversations with your child about the content of the learning material presented at school. Do your child’s grades reflect the level of mastery that he/she has of the material?

Healthy Friendships – Learning to socialize appropriately with peers is an important part of the educational process. Your child should be building and maintaining relationships that are healthy and that complement his or her personality. Is your child developing quality friendships?

Exciting Extracurriculars- Extracurricular activities provide wonderful outlets for children to have fun while applying their problem-solving and cognitive skills in different ways. Extracurricular activities are the platform for your child to indulge in non-academic interests. Is your child’s non-academic interest stimulated?

Character and Faith Development – Your child will need coping mechanisms when things get rough in the classroom, with friends, or on the sports field. For this reason, a strong faith-building and/or character development program is a must. Is your child growing on the inside—in faith and in character?

Incentive Plans – It would be great if everyone did exactly what he or she was supposed to do without the hope of reward. The truth is, though, that this is not the case with most people, and children are no different. Your educational plan should have built-in incentives and rewards that help motivate your child. Is your child excited and motivated by your incentive plan?

January, the halftime mark of the academic school year, is the perfect time to assess your educational plan for the 2014-15 school year. Your plan should clearly detail your goals for your child and the strategy and people that will help make it happen. Your child is a winner—now let’s insure there is a winning and supportive plan in place.

Image Credit: Shutterstock