Stand Out and Stand Up

Wisdom for Social Injustice bigstock_Law_book_library_8041813Legal murder is the act of taking someone’s life within the boundaries of the law. This term may not appear in any law book, but it is clearly written on the invisible walls of our communities and in the creases of our hearts. Legal murders occurred in 1814 and still occur in 2014. We are outraged. We are angry. We are hurt. Unfortunately, emotions alone do not perpetuate change. Our emotional responses simply are not enough. We must use our outrage, anger and pain to ignite and fuel an insatiable desire to educate ourselves on the process of changing the outdated laws that protect legal murderers.

There are many reasons why a person takes the life of another--self-defense, an accident, war, revenge, passion, hatred, just to name a few. In most cases, an act of murder invokes feelings of outrage and anger in the hearts of the people who have to re-live the event. People become outraged by the audacity of the murderer, but people also become angered by what seems to be a lack of justice and/or action. The outrage and anger seemingly begin to dissipate, until the occurrence of the next event.

You are an educated woman, full of wisdom and overflowing with expertise. How much do you know about the legal processes in your town, county and state? Do you know what your rights are? Do you know how to inquire about a law that you perceive as unfair? Negative answers to these questions put you at risk. Not knowing means that you are not currently in a fight to address what is unjust. You need not be an attorney or a social activist to join a good fight. You simply need to be willing and armed with the right wisdom. Your voice and part in the fight against injustice is valuable and goes beyond a daily-diminishing emotional response. Your part may be to protest. Your part may be to lobby. Your part may be to give financially. Your part may be to pray. No matter what part you play, it must be executed with wisdom.

When will enough be enough for you? Will it take an event happening in your family or in your own geographical community? Not all laws are bad, but we have to begin to address the ones that are. We must educate ourselves on the procedures of reviewing current laws and removing the ones that are no longer beneficial to the whole of our diverse American society. Stand out by standing up for progress. Stand out as a woman who is knowledgeable on all issues of social justice. _________________________________________________ Visit for help with beginning the search for laws in your state.