Summer Second Half Game Plan

3910850A plan for moms. The world is a classroom for children. They observe the slightest details around them and process those details in meaningful ways. Shapes, colors, textures, smells, conversations and songs are all natural lesson plans for young minds. Moms can use the world around them to create purposeful, fun, and low-cost activities for their children’s second half of summer break. Purposeful exposure is the game plan.

Purposeful exposure is the practice of stimulating learning interests by intentionally giving children (or adults) something new. Purposeful exposure awakens curiosity in children and fuels their ability and desire to absorb new information. Exposing your children to new things can be as simple or extravagant as you like. If you are a working mom like me, simple is always better. Here are a few simple ways to expose your children to something new. There’s an app for that. (All Ages) Electronic applications, also known as apps, are a fantastic way to expose children to almost anything from academic skills and languages to art, music and literature. Apps offer a two-for-one benefit: 1. Apps provide a platform for learning, 2. Apps help children develop technology skills.

You gotta eat. (All Ages)

Feeding the family is a priority for moms. Grocery shopping and meal planning is something that we do (or at least try to do) on a weekly basis. On your next trip to the grocery store, pick up a new item from the ethic aisle and discuss the item with your children. Older children can research the origin of the item. Younger children can investigate the taste, smell and texture.

The laundry won’t fold itself. (Pre-school Children)

We all have a pile of laundry waiting for us. Invite your preschooler to join you during your next laundry adventure. Ask your preschooler to describe the textures of fabrics, and then create a list of vocabulary words that come from this activity.

Put on your seatbelts. (All Ages)

Car rides are a perfect environment for introducing new things. Audio books provide a great avenue to expose children to new literature and are available in a wide variety of subjects, genres and age levels. The car is also an ideal place to expose children to new genres of music.

Purposeful exposure is a fun and effective way to present new information to your children. You will cause your children’s curiosity to peak by simply using your environment as a lesson plan. The grocery store, the car, laundry and the dinner table are all platforms for learning new things.

Purposeful exposure should be a star player in your summer second-half playbook. Need help developing a game plan? Moms who sign up for a Summer Second-Half Game Plan on by July 31st will receive a 50% discount!