Get Excited About Your Work in 2014

Marilyn Sherman is an expert in helping women find their way in the workplace. A best-selling author and internationally sought-after speaker, she reminds us that it is time to STOP settling and START planning for something more.  

Figure out where you want to be

Sit down and make some goals. Figure out what is working and what isn’t. Figure out where your heart truly lies, and make some goals on how to get there.


Show Up

Be present in things that are outside your normal job. From networking events to committees and volunteer activities, get out there and make a name for yourself. Never discredit how meeting and interacting with people you don’t know can lead to your next big break.


Make meaningful connections

When you do meet people, don’t just shove your business card in their hand and call it a day. Give them a reason to remember you. Ask questions and find a way to have a meaningful conversation. When you are done, recap a few things on the back of their business card so you can catch up later.


Hit the refresh button

Take another look at where your passion lies in your work. If you can’t find something, it may be time for a change. Life is short; don’t stay in someone’s dream job. Go out and find your dream job.


Be resilient

What life lessons can we draw from a loofah, ping pong ball and number two pencil? A loofah reminds us to rid ourselves of what holds us back: jealously, resentment and feelings of inadequacy. A ping pong ball reminds us to be resilient; life isn’t perfect, but we can either succumb to disappointment or bounce back from adversity. Finally, like a pencil, we can become dull if we don’t sharpen our skills and find ways to grow. A pencil’s eraser represents our ability to forget mistakes and move on. When we take anything to the next level, we risk failure. Hold on to the lessons, but let go of the rest.


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