7 new things to try in the new year for $100 or less



A new year gives all of us a fresh chance at trying new things. With $100 or less, we have some fun ideas that can help kick-start a new year and a new you!

Take a Creative Approach

Take a public speaking class, creative writing course or a pottery class. Learn to play an instrument or to bake. Take stock of what you have always wished you knew how to do or could do better and make it happen.  

Challenge Yourself

Try some new classes. From yoga and Zumba to spinning or barre ballet classes, there are tons to choose from. Or set a goal like completing a half-marathon or triathlon. Pick a training plan and get to it!

Get Financial Advice

Want to get on a better financial path? Invest in a sit down with a financial advisor or buy some self-help books. Take this opportunity to spend some honest time taking stock of where your finances are and where you hope to be this time next year.

Pay It Forward

Use a small chunk of change to make a big difference. Find a team of friends and help restore a playground or give seniors’ homes a fresh coat of paint.  Donate to your local food bank or buy some coats for kids in need. Doing good will make YOU feel good!

Eat Better

It can be hard to break out of the cycle of eating out or throwing together quick meals amid busy schedules and winter weather. Sign up for an organic fruit or vegetable of the month basket that delivers new options to you monthly. It will encourage you and your family to try new foods and make better choices.

Commit to Date Night

Get out of the house with your man at least once a month. Head out for dinner, peruse your local farmer’s market or meet for coffee. Find new ways to reconnect and recommit yourself to your marriage this year.

Adopt a Pet

Looking for something new to pour your heart and soul into? Consider adopting a furry friend or becoming a foster parent. Thousands of cats and dogs across the county are in need of good homes. If you are looking for something that promises new adventures, a pet might be just what you need.

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