A Path with Purpose

Author Kendra Norman reveals how she used challenges in her life to inspire other women
Author Kendra Norman reveals how she used challenges in her life to inspire other women

Kendra Norman is a national bestselling, multi-award-winning author and founder of Royalty Publications. Norman not only inspires her readers through words, but is also an inspiration to her community, sharing and empowering writers and women through her own life experiences. Norman’s latest release, The Path from Pain to Purpose: Living a Romans 8:28 Existence, is an autobiographical account of one of the most challenging times she experienced. As Norman shines her light on others, Hope shines our author spotlight on her. Tell us about your latest book, The Path from Pain to Purpose: Living a Romans 8:28 Existence.The Path from Pain to Purpose is a message and a testimony that derived from one of the those trying times of my life—a candid account of what was one of the most challenging, yet one of the most pivotal moments in the process to me discovering the fullness of my true, divine purpose. I went through a valley experience, and I knew it wasn’t just for me, but for others. If I hadn’t endured the hardship that befell me, I would have never been able to successfully write The Path from Pain to Purpose. I had to be very transparent when writing this book. I had to expose some of my deepest hurts and embarrassments; there was no other way to reach the masses with the message God gave me. God fully equipped me to write this message and, as a result, many readers have already been blessed by the personal message of survival that it shares.

How do you keep the balance between being a wife, mother and an author? Together, my husband and I have three children, and all of them are adults. None of them live with us, so my husband and I have an empty nest that we absolutely love! I do the overwhelming majority of my writing during the hours when my husband is away at work. He always contacts me just before he leaves work to head home, so it’s at that moment when I break away from my office and start dinner each evening. Our time together is always in the evenings and on weekends.

What are the most important things your mother taught you? My mother just went to be with the Lord on Nov. 16. As I look back, I realize that my mom taught me more by example than she ever did by using words. My parents raised me and my four siblings to love God and to treat everybody respectfully. I don’t think I ever truly appreciated my mom until I became an adult and found myself knowing what to do and how to handle situations, all because I’d watched her do the same. The most important things she taught me were how to be a faithful woman of God, a dutiful and doting mother, and a loving and supportive wife. Mama was all about God and family, and that’s so me!

What's your message to inspire young women? God has truly given me a heart for women on so many levels. As women, it seems by nature that we want to handle everything by ourselves. We hide behind makeup and masks, trying to be Super Woman, when God never intended for us to do anything alone. I’ve started two Facebook groups that are specific to women and ministry. One is called Gospel Girls Group, and the second group is called Prayer Oriented Wives Exemplifying Royalty (P.O.W.E.R.). The message that I try to convey to women on a continuous basis, whether it’s through one of my online groups or by the life I live, is for them to triumph in all areas of life—not in trying to do it alone, but with God as their guide.

To find out more about Kendra and her published works, please visit her website, www.royaltywriter.net.