Bye, Felicia!


Rather than simply focusing on making a resolution for the year, it’s time to direct positive changes toward your entire life. You may have heard the slang term “Bye, Felicia.” The phrase is becoming so popular that there is even a reality TV show called “Bye Felicia.” The phrase originated from the 1995 film Friday, starring Ice Cube. Felicia was the neighborhood addict known for making outlandish requests and being an overall nuisance. As a way to dismiss her, people would say a quick, "Bye, Felicia" in their most annoyed tones. Since then, the phrase has evolved to be applied to any annoying person (or situation) to whom you need to say goodbye.

That extra holiday or baby weight? Bye, Felicia. The guy you've been dating who won't commit to you? Bye, Felicia. Your bad habits or bad attitudes? Bye, Felicia. This phrase is a good example of a life theme—a simpler alternative to New Year’s resolutions. In addition to, or instead of, a New Year’s resolution, try an annual theme to set your intentions for the year. Your life theme can be a popular quote, religious phrase, or even a picture. It should guide you in your decision-making and shape your behavior, reminding you of what you want or whom you want to be.

If you are a visual person, a picture or a vision board is a great way to stimulate an emotional reminder of your desires. You can use a picture of your family or an image you desire to emulate. Try using pictures of a place you want to go or that gives you a feeling of happiness, and post them up in your home, car or office. A good life theme takes away the pressure of trying to reach a specific goal and focuses on your thought process to change the way you approach your daily life. To be successful in improving your life, your theme should contain the following aspects: • Personal meaning • Positive motivation • Focus on you and your desires • Inspiration for positive change • Emotional stimulation

Select an area of your life that you would like to improve—such as relationships, communication, finances, self-esteem, employment and health—and choose a theme that suits your personality. Repeat it to yourself daily, especially when making decisions about what to eat, wear, spend, say or whatever action applies to your goals. These are not magic words—after you say them, think them, or look at your pictures, you still have to make better decisions that are in line with your aspirations. Your life theme, not unlike a theme for a party, will set your expectations and give you cohesiveness in your life. Whatever you choose, just be creative and honest with yourself. As for 2014 and those old broken resolutions, “Bye, Felicia!”