Exploring the Unique Mime Ministry of Silent Praize


Shauna Greene uses mime dance—along with many other passions—to spread the love of God to others. From the fancy flowing garments to the white face paint that highlights her many facial expressions, Shauna Greene—affectionately known as “Silent Praize”—uses soul-stirring mime dance to bring people closer to God.

While mime dance is a form of entertainment or artistic expression through movement, it’s so much more than that for the North Carolinian. Greene describes herself as a comical, yet God-fearing woman who is passionate about people.

“My ministry is unique because I'm prophetic,” she said. “I have laid hands on people in a service and watched [God’s] healing take place. I have spoken words over people's lives through the Holy Spirit, and change has taken place.”

Greene started her mime ministry in 1998 when she first saw a mime on a show that stirred her. Since then, she has danced triumphantly, promoting the healing of others in various settings from women's conferences to revivals. Recently, “Silent Praize” opened up for national recording artist, Tasha Cobbs and took the stage on the “Dr. Bobby Jones Presents” nationally televised show (which aired June 7, 2015).

“I'm telling you, God is truly blowing my mind,” Greene said. “It was more of a pleasure to meet Dr. Bobby Jones and minister for his show. I can attest that I'm use to opening up for national recording artists, but television is another level that I have only dreamed of!”

Greene has many other passions, including playing the organ and the drums, talents she is able to use in addition to being a musician at her church. She also has a heart for children with special needs, especially her four babies—ranging in age from 1 to 6 years old—whom she highlights through Facebook by using hashtags such as “miracle” and “delayed not denied.” Greene also loves spending time with her daughter and working in her profession as a barber. She can often be found sharing comical videos with her daughter or pictures of both her special needs babies and clients. Naturally, Greene's heart for the community and acts of kindness through God’s love cause people to gravitate toward her.

There is more to expect from Shauna "Silent Praize" Greene in the years to come, including God’s opened doors for international ministry engagements. In 2018, she will be sharing her first live recording of her prophetic mime dance ministry with people from all over the world. She continues to shine her light for all to see, and you can connect with her on the Silent Praize website as well as Facebook. For booking, contact: booking@silentpraizeministries.com.