Holiday Cheer: NFL Turn-Up, Give Back, and Keep the Party Going at Your Place


This holiday season has been heating up as families across the U.S. gathered together on Thanksgiving to enjoy each other’s company and their favorite dishes: mashed potatoes, warm pound cake, creamy macaroni and cheese, and juicy turkey. Yummy! Reminiscing about the good ole days, celebrating new additions to the family, updating each other on life, and engaging in passionate discussions surrounding current world events are just a few ways people chose to spend their time during this chilly season. Speaking of chilly, the Philadelphia Eagles were amongst the heat makers this Thanksgiving weekend, providing us all with some holiday cheer as they defeated the Dallas Cowboys 33-10 in Arlington, Texas, leaving fans a Thanksgiving to remember! The Eagles took no prisoners right out of the gate as they ended the first quarter 14-0 before marching to a triumphant victory.

The Seattle Seahawks turned Santa Clara, Calif., upside down as they showed no mercy against the San Francisco 49ers to claim a sweet 19-3 victory. In the post-game press conference, famed Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman sang the praises of his team, stating, “We’re dedicated to one another. We’re playing like some 9- and 10-year-old kids, not worrying about the outcome, not worrying about individual stats. When the team’s playing like that, we’re really hard to beat.” The ensuing celebration included Seahawk quarterback Russell Wilson playfully basking in the glory of the win with his crown prince cornerback (Sherman) while eating turkey on the 49ers’ 50-yard line.

Minnies Food
Minnies Food

Food and football aside, many Americans found themselves in positions to give back. In cities across the U.S., from soup kitchens and churches to shelters and community centers, individuals willingly donated helping hands and a few hours of their time. Volunteer opportunities are great ways to bring the family together. Efforts spent making this season joyous for those in need always create long-lasting memories with the ones you love. More importantly, no one is too small. Youngsters who are used to being shooed out of the kitchen have a lot to offer a person in need of a warm smile. Remember the gift that keeps on giving is love, so in all that you and your family find yourselves doing, do it in love.

Finally, as the dust settles from all of your traveling and you’re back in your warm cozy abode, don’t forget to party. As our ladies from BAPS would say, “Go, go, get it, get it! Go, go, get it, get it!” Whether it be an ugly sweater party, game night, or movie with friends, don’t shy away from being the hostess of an intimate gathering with friends and making it your own. Many times, hosting a casual event at your home at first glance appears a bit overwhelming, so much so that you can overlook the original purpose of just having fun! So always consider the following: what’s served (food and drinks), music choices, the theme, and (most importantly) what time everyone is expected to go home! Don’t overthink the minor details and in turn, overspend in preparations. Remember, the friends you are inviting are people you enjoy spending time with and who also love spending time with you. Oftentimes, they want nothing more than the chance to let their hair down alongside yours! Be still, and know the perfect menu items will only strengthen the friendship—but rest assured that it doesn’t define it.