Living LeToya


Forget about locking LeToya Luckett into a box. It’s not happenin’. The talented and flawless actress, singer and producer has been making mega career moves all with a shot of ‘success’ and a double twist of ‘I slay’. And things are no different today. LeToya’s heating things up on the screen of TV One’s drama series Here We Go Again. She dished to Hope for Women about her experience, having a family and why she knows she’s living her true purpose. Take a look.

“I have a story. I have a testimony. I want to be able to help people grow and even learn from some of the things I’ve been through. I want to share the knowledge that I’ve gained throughout my process.”

Hope: LeToya, it’s a pleasure to speak with you! I’ve followed your entire career and watched you on TV.

LeToya: Thank you so much. That’s very nice of you!

Hope: Congratulations on season one of Here We Go Again. You’ve had diverse acting roles. Was this a role you could really see yourself portraying?

You know at first when I read it, I stepped back and said, “This is cool.” It was a heavy concept for a show because people kind of frown upon teenage pregnancy. I was scared about it and wanted to make sure that we were not promoting it. But after I went through it, it was really this kind of thing where you just know. It was more of a, “Yes, this is going on right now, but this show is going to display what happens afterward.” There is still life and opportunity for you to fulfill your dreams and your destiny, even after life hits you hard and you don’t make the best decisions.  And I loved that. I loved that we found the funny in that. I loved that it promoted family. I loved that even through the struggle, and through this Walker Women curse, we were able to stick together as a family and work through whatever the issues. I was all about that. Yes, I was afraid at first because this is someone’s story. Why wouldn’t I want to tell this story?

Hope: Good chemistry is always important in bringing the characters to life. Did you have that on this set?

LeToya: Oh, yes! It was all the way natural. I’d always wanted to work with Wendy Raquel. She is hilarious on and off the screen! I learned so much from watching her and I admire how professional she is. Even late at night, when we would shoot at 3 am and 4 am in the morning, she totally kept her energy. That kept us engaged. It didn’t hurt that half of the cast was from Houston, TX, which is where I was born and raised. I loved Andre Fuller and the beautiful Kendell, who plays my daughter. So we spent time talking and sharing. It was just fun.

Hope: In today’s time where you see so much negative press on television, how important is it to give viewers a true depiction of African American living?

LeToya: I think it is very important, which is why I admired the writing of this show, keeping that family bond and not trying to bring each other down. It’s not about that. We lifted each other and talked each other through everything. There was love there. When I was coming up, there was Bill Cosby, It’s a Different World and Family Matters. These shows promoted family. This is what’s missing in entertainment today. I think people get excited about seeing women have all of this drama. There is nothing against people who choose to handle their situations in that way. However, I loved this show because it shows that even though we’re not getting along, we’re still going to support each other. I’m going to love you. We need more of that. We need more shows that shine the light on these heavy topics that we presented. Even through that, my character was able to become a successful attorney and have her own practice. Wendy Raquel’s character went on to become a successful real estate agent. I was still able to provide for my child and take responsibility for my actions. I loved that this show was about single mothers and it showed the hard work that you put in and the balancing act of it all. We were wearing many hats, yet carrying ourselves with strength and integrity.

Hope: You’re in a tough dual industry of music and acting. How do you keep focused?

LeToya: It takes lots of prayer, meditation and taking the moments to be still. Because I have so much going on, I want to ensure that I am giving my all to everything. Has it been hard to juggle both? Absolutely. There were times when I found myself leaving the set at 1 am and then going straight to the studio. But this is what I choose to do. I’m blessed to have the gifts that I have and I love being able to celebrate them every single day. I appreciate that I’m able to find balance. As women, we wear so many hats. We try to do it all. We try to do eh-va-ree single thing, even if it wears us down. I love that we’re resilient, but there are those times when you have to be still and that’s what I’ve had to learn to do. I’ve had to pray. I live in L.A. now and I drive down to the beach. I cut all of my devices off and I listen to the waves. I allow the wind to hit my face. I appreciate where I am. I appreciate everything about my life.

Hope: You shared a profound tweet on March 15 that said, “I want every second to matter and every minute to be purposed. I want to leave this earth empty, knowing I gave all that God gave me to give.” Do you think you’re walking in your true purpose?

LeToya: Absolutely. I feel like I am. Now can I do more? Yes. I want to do more giving back. And I’m trying not to become emotional as I share this. (pause) But I have a story. I have a testimony. I want to be able to help people grow and even learn from some of the things I’ve been through. I want to share the knowledge that I’ve gained throughout my process. I want to serve more. And I think when I’m able to find the time that is necessary for me, eventually having my family and my children, I do want God to be proud of me and my work. I am more conscientious of my time and the thumbprint that I plan on leaving in this earth. I do not take my time here on earth for granted.

Hope: Speaking of a family, you’re recently engaged to author and relationship expert Rob Hill, Sr. How has this relationship enhanced you personally?

LeToya: I’ve found a tremendously great friend in Rob Hill. Yes, I have!

Hope: Are there any new projects?

LeToya: Yes! I am releasing my new music. Yay! I am blessed to have great fans who’ve been with me through this. I’m releasing two singles. I know it has taken five to six years, but I am a completely different woman than when I started this journey. I hope people love it as much as I enjoyed making it. I’m probably going to go right back into the studio once I finish this album because I have so much to share.

Hope: What are your release dates for the singles?

LeToya: The release dates are for the top of April. I also posted a snippet of Love Me Luckett on snapchat. Please take a listen. I hope everyone enjoys it.