Making Her Mark Beyond the Airwaves


Sharvette Mitchell is a woman who wears many hats—and she does so with grace, style and tact. On top of working a full-time job at a national bank, Mitchell owns her own company, Mitchell Productions LLC, which offers web design, social media coaching, seminars and webinars to help individuals better market themselves and their businesses. Additionally, she hosts an online radio show that airs on three Internet radio stations and in iTunes on Tuesday nights. She is also an ordained administrative elder with International Christian Ministries.

And she enjoys every role in which she serves. Mitchell said that her radio show—with a goal of motivating, exciting and influencing its listeners—is especially true to her heart because she is able to learn people’s stories during her interviews with them.

“I like peering into the lives of others,” she said. “It’s like the behind-the-scenes when you’re listening to what makes them tick and hearing about their lives. It’s getting to know people who are doing great things.”

And Mitchell, 43, hopes that she can be an individual making a similar impact. She uses Mitchell Productions LLC to help others find what their next steps are in their businesses and in finding ways to promote them. She said the use of social media coaching combines well with web design. She likes to be part of the process in seeing people discover their potential for success through the use of online ability.

“I think it’s that light bulb moment of ‘Aha—oh, this is how it works! This is how I can use it to help promote. I didn’t realize the power of it!’” Mitchell said. “When people have those moments, I realize it will help them.”

From a young age, Mitchell said she always knew she wanted to do something in marketing. She sold Avon products at the age of 16, but before that, she sold Blow Pops on the school bus. It all goes back to the idea of being able to interact with others and being a positive influence in their lives.

“It’s meeting people, engaging with people, sharing information and helping them make decisions,” she said.

A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, she plans to continue her radio show and sees it expanding even more in the future. She also projects that she will eventually go to television, reaching audiences by a new medium. Regardless of the method, her main hope is to inspire people to pursue the paths they desire.

“Sometimes people have goals and dreams, but won’t take the first step,” Mitchell said. “I hope that what I do or what I share will help someone take the first few steps toward their goals and the things they want to do.”

Mitchell knows that she is not in her journey alone. She said her mom is her biggest fan and continues to support and encourage her in all of her endeavors. She also has help from those she calls “silent mentors”—individuals on social media who have cheered her on, as well. Through it all, Mitchell maintains her hope in the Lord and relies on Him to be her main source of guidance and assurance that her journey is nowhere near finished.

“Faith is very strong in my life—just knowing that where I am is not where I am going to end up,” she said. “Where I am now is not where I will always be. I’m just following the breadcrumbs to wherever my destination is. This is preparing me for my next steps.”