Mike Epps Brings the Heat

Mike Epps
Mike Epps

EPP-ic things are on the horizon for funnyman Mike Epps as he prepares to fill the greatest shoes in the comedy realm. The “Friday” star and live-stage comedian is gearing up for the role of a lifetime as the legendary Richard Pryor in the biopic “Was It Something I Said.” Currently in pre-production, the biopic is being produced by “Empire” co-creator and executive producer, Lee Daniels, and will house some of Hollywood’s greatest entertainers. Word has it that Epps is not only excited about the opportunity, but “humbly nervous” to perform the role. Sources at ABC Radio share that Epps’ anticipation is expected, but the actor still has not put too much time in the preparation.

“Richard Pryor, man, this is a role of a lifetime right here,” Epps said. “And I’m very humbly nervous. You get scared when you have to approach the greats. It’s a very spiritual quest. There’s no way to prepare for it. It’s something you have to do. And it’s something that has to be in you and something that has to be a part of your repertoire—what you do.”

He provided a glimpse of the prepping stages and shared, “Because…in the whole auditioning process it was like, I can’t really prepare for this. I have to just do it. I’m either him or I’m not.”

We at Hope for Women magazine unanimously agree that a role of this magnitude just comes natural with lots of improvisation, and Epps has the makings for gut-wrenching, off-the-cuff, in-your-face commentary.

The actor currently performs in Starz’s “Survivor’s Remorse” and shares this season will be more exciting than the last. Stay connected with the comedian @TheRealMikeEpps.