Songstress Tamika Nicole Loses Job and Regains Musical Perspective


Unemployed and in jeopardy of losing everything, Bay Area singer-songwriter Tamika Nicole used Facebook to openly discuss her struggles, and vent frustrations she’d otherwise keep to herself. It was not exactly a case of over-sharing but rather a way to express the inexpressible. “I was questioning what was I going to do with my life, and sincerely sought feedback from my 2,000 or so ‘friends.’” Tamika Nicole engaged them with questions and often posted updates about her decisions. One of those decisions was to thrust herself back into the music business as an entertainer and more. “This was one of those times social media was a very positive force during hard times. In the process I figured out what was important to me and I believe I emerged an entrepreneur.” That meant no more music as usual. Tamika began producing what has since become her signature show, Ladies Rock Da Mic, which supports local charities. She honed in on her writing and music production skills as well. The end result is her new single “Next To Me,” which was released in mid-May.

The songstress who has performed and headlined in some of the Bay Area’s premiere clubs (Yoshi’s, Latin Jazz Club), simply took her life back. For Tamika Nicole that meant changing her diet (she is gluten-free), refocusing her job search in higher education, and re-committed to her career as a musician. She states, “I am a business. Most artists become stuck at being a musician and performer, but I knew that in order to succeed I needed to view myself as my most important commodity.”

Tamika Nicole’s renewal began with earnest prayer that led to crafting a master plan, and then, taking steps to change her circumstances. She lost 60 lbs. during the process, and that led her to write and publish a cookbook, I Love Macaroni and Cheese, and that spurned a healthy food catering and food demonstration business, Taste My Goodies. A job in higher education finally found her and now she is promoting “Next to Me,” while putting the finishing touches on a music project.

The new song, she says, “is partly about my own journey dating, but I get a lot of material from Facebook. My followers love to chime in on my dating disasters, inevitably to share their own. What I’ve discovered is that my music and my lifestyle go hand in hand for many of my followers on social media. They are just as interested in what I am doing as the music I put out…and they support them all equally.”

Premiere music site named “Next to Me” its song of the month. You can nab a listen to it there or by visiting

Tamika Nicole is an independent artist from Oakland, California. Her new release “Next To Me” was released on May 14, 2014 and is available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Robin Caldwell for Hope for Women Magazine