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Steve Harvey and Family
Steve Harvey and Family

It’s no secret that marriage is a serious life journey. Author, talk show host, and Kings of Comedy star Steve Harvey takes marriage very seriously. In fact, he’s not laughing about September 26, 2015. It’s the day his eldest daughter Karli Harvey weds Ben Raymond. The two have been very open about how their friendship turned into a blossoming love. Harvey, known for his no non-sense approach in relationships, gave women across the globe the black book notes on keeping their dignity and dealing with men when he penned Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man. Read and discussed by millions, the book enveloped into a box-office hit movie. But when it comes to Mr. Harvey’s daughter, it’s real life. There is no book. There are no trailers, actors and movie scripts. It’s all about family. It’s all about love. It’s all about respect. An emotional Harvey shared with millions of viewers on The Steve Harvey Show that he’s proud to walk his daughter down the aisle. In what will be one of the hottest celebrity weddings of the year, Harvey detached from his role of star and shed tears of joy before having stern words for his future son-in-law.

“I didn’t know I would be affected by it all this way, but I am. It’s difficult to give your daughter away. You know, you just got to do what you promised me you would do, man. I’m just counting on you to do that. Like I told you, you have to take care of her because if you don’t, I am going to take that personally, man – and I got to do something about that.”

We hear you loud and clear Dad Harvey. And let’s just hope that Ben hears him too and remains on his toes. If not, Harvey will be there to assist him in the matter. Hope for Women wishes the pending nuptials all the best in their new journey. Catch live behind-the-scenes footage of the wedding as it unfolds.

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