TAKE FIVE| On The Move With Erica Campbell

Erica Campbell
Erica Campbell

Do not put Erica Campbell into a box. Chart-topping albums, a successful TV series and a lucrative couture hair venture. Now add nationally syndicated radio host to the list. The multi-award winning gospel diva continues to surpass the limits in contemporary gospel and proves that you can have it all. She chats with HOPE to talk about her new ‘Get Up’ Morning Show airing Monday, May 16, 2016 from 6am to 10am ET. She also returns to Detroit’s own Triumph Church for DAWN SEEKERS. The popular worship experience takes place on May 14 at 6am. Join thousands of ladies at Joe Louis Arena in lifting up the name of Jesus. Hear her inspiring words and call for women to love themselves.  

HOPE:  Congratulations Erica on your new morning show. Tell us how this came about.

EC: (Laughing) Yes I am very excited about it. It was developing and I was very honored to receive a phone call from Ms. Cathy Hughes herself. So how do you say no to that?  It’s such a huge opportunity to be on the radio. You know I am such a big fan of Steve Harvey and to think that I can do anything remotely close to what he does is just an honor.

HOPE:  You’ll reach so many people with your new platform. What can your listeners expect?

EC: Oh yes. There are lots of really incredible things going on.  I’m going to ensure that I tap into the community and find out what’s going on. You know most of the news is bad so there is going to be a positive twist on how we can change and how we can help.  I’ll report the good and introduce new people.  I love that we’re doing a segment called ‘INTRODUCING’, which will not just be people that everyone knows. It will be brand new artists and maybe they are not signed to a label.  I love helping people so that’s what I want to do.

HOPE: So issues of social justice, business, love, life and relationships will be part of this show?

EC: Yes. I will challenge people to know what’s going on in the world that we live in and not be blind and live in their bubble, but to be honest with self and to open their mouth and do something. Don’t sit on the sidelines. We have a responsibility to do something.  I think we have been deceived into thinking that a hashtag is enough.  You’ve got to do more. You can’t just go through social media.  You have to find these people, love these people and help these people. The world needs our help.

HOPE: You are returning to DAWN SEEKERS for Detroit’s Triumph Church. Why is this so important to you?

EC: This is my fourth time joining DAWN SEEKERS. When my sister and I did it last year, it was amazing to see all those women in the building that early. There’s a scripture that says early in the morning will I seek thee and they were all there. They lived their worship out loud and they were there early to lift up the name of Jesus. It’s important for me to be part of that and to usher in the presence of God.

HOPE: How do you inspire women to have hope?

EC: I say look yourself in the mirror and love everything about you. Do not let the world, a man or the beauty industry tell you that there’s something wrong with who you are. Find confidence and strength with who you see and look in the mirror. If there is something within your ability to change; shift it, change it, grow and become better. But appreciate the skin you’re in.  You look good just the way you are. The eyes, the thighs, the hips, the lips, the hair color, straight, curly, thick hair, whatever it is. Love who you are. Be the best version of yourself at all times. Require more of yourself. Challenge yourself to be your best and to reach beyond yourself. Challenge yourself to reach beyond your hurt, your pain, your questions and your insecurities.  Be your best.