Up Next on Netflix: VeggieTales in the City


Meet the amazing businesswoman behind Big Idea Entertainment’s VeggieTales.

Leslie Ferrell is a God-fearing woman who holds many titles: mother of two, wife and business leader. Guiding youth in the right direction is near and dear to her heart. Hope for Women sat down with Leslie to ask her about Big Idea Entertainment’s new series on Netflix, VeggieTales in the City.

Hope: What inspired you to minister to children through animation?

Leslie: I loved the mission and vision of Big Idea to impact culture through stories and songs. Stories, visual and written, can change lives, and I want to be a part of changing lives and culture for good.  Animated stories are such a fun way in doing that!

H: Please tell us a little bit about your newest venture, VeggieTales in the City.

L: In this VeggieTales in the City season, Bob and Larry move to the city, where a lot of things are different. They learn that, even though they've moved to a new place, God hasn't moved and is always there to help them make their new home. This season is also exciting, as it also airs two new Christmas episodes in the series.  

H: Can we expect to see some new characters in the upcoming series on Netflix?

L: Yes! There are several new characters who join the VeggieTales crew, like Ichabeezer, Tina Celerina, Gary Garlic and Bacon Bill. And, of course, each of them has [his or her] own unique personalities and joins in the learning and fun that is a part of every story.

H: Why do you believe that VeggieTales has been so successful?

L: I think what has made VeggieTales so successful are our faith-based stories that deliver Biblical teaching that kids can understand. Bob and Larry are so likeable and endearing to kids, and our stories always have lots of silliness and fun.


H: What would you say is your greatest accomplishment?

L: My greatest pleasure and accomplishment has been raising two wonderful children. They are great people who love God and love people, wanting to use their talents and gifts to make a better world. I certainly can't take all of the credit for who they are, yet my efforts in raising them brought me immense joy.  

H: What do you plan to do with Big Idea Entertainment in the future?

L: We want to continue to tell great faith-based stories and continue to bring those stories to new platforms and channels where families can access the stories. That will mean seeing VeggieTales on more digital platforms, which is where we are all going to enjoy content.

H: Who has been a major influence or mentor in your professional life?

L: I've been blessed with several mentors in my professional life, yet what has been foundational for me in my professional life has been my father's example of a hard work ethic. His example has paid off in many ways in my career.

H: Mom, pastor’s wife and business leader — you hold many titles! How do you find balance in your life?

L: My husband and I are a team, which has been important in finding balance. Along with that, what helps to keep me feeling strong and healthy is regular exercise. I'm pretty steadfast in guarding my morning workout time.

H: What role does your faith play in your life and career?

L: I look to God to guide and lead me in all I do. Also, my faith in God helps me with the challenges that life presents and gives me the strength and perspective I need to weather those challenges.

H: Why do you feel that it’s important to minister to children? 

L: Children are our future and need wisdom and guidance to become their best selves and to serve with their God-given gifts. I'm grateful to be a part of that process and feel the responsibility to give it my very best.