25 Women Who Inspire 2014

Banner_994x250Hope for Women’s Premier Recognition of Women of Empowerment and Service Every year, Hope for Women magazine recognizes 25 women who have made an impact in their respective communities. They have started a one-of-a-kind business. They have balanced family, work and ministry. But most of all, they touch the hearts of hundreds daily by their gifts and outreach. Although their names may not be nationally known, they are well-deserving of the local equivalent of an Oscar or Image Award.

This tribute is for them.

These women are strong and confident, not to mention intellectually smart. They are modern-day innovators, mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, survivors, CEOs—but they all hold one key attribute: they lead. These women are heroes. Heroes who deserve to be recognized for their efforts.

Here at Hope, we understand the importance of women supporting one another. Something extraordinary happens when you are appreciated and encouraged by women. We believe that we are all on a journey a road to achieve many of the same goals.

Together, we’ll not only reach those goals. We’ll soar when we get there. And the nominees say…

“In awe and amazed. Who knew one e-mail could create such an outpouring of tears. God is good and His love never ceases to amaze me. He is truly a reciprocal God.” ~

“I am literally in tears right now! I just received an e-mail from your staff indicating "You have been selected as one of Hope for Women's 2014 Women Who Inspire!’” ~

“That moment when someone sends you something, and I'm not an emotional teary-eyed chick, but all I can say is Wow. Got a little teary-eyed. When you know you are right on target serving the women God has called you to serve it is a grateful moment.” ~

“I am SUPER SUPER ELATED!!! lol Thank you soooooooo much! My mouth is still open. I am so honored and blessed to be honored!!! Thank you soooooooo much!!! ~

Look forward to sharing and profiling these amazing women daily!