As Young As You Feel


How One Woman’s Journey is Inspiring Women of All Ages When you’re called to do something great, the journey to get there is often a difficult road. If, somehow, you can manage to keep your faith, that difficult road will build character. That is certainly the case for inspiring entrepreneur Sandra Wyckoff, founder of 40z Rock. Before she organized the group that rallies women across the globe to embrace an often frowned-upon age, Sandra was a successful boutique owner. After years of building an impressive clientele and pouring herself into her passion for fashion, Wyckoff was forced out of the business due to a set of bad circumstances that were out of her control. At first, she hoped the situation would turn out differently. She felt she’d done no wrong and God would allow her to keep the business she’d been blessed with. As it turns out, God had other plans. Although she wasn’t sure what those plans were at the time, Sandra stayed positive and kept her heart open to receive the next chapter for her life’s tale.

Enter 40z Rock, a community of women embracing their 40’s and living life to the fullest. Sandra got the idea when she was selected to participate in the My Black Is Beautiful campaign. She remembers being the oldest person in her group. During the photo shoot, Sandra had so much fun and said the experience “gave me a feeling that life was just beginning.” She loved the sense of confidence that followed and wanted to share it with others. So, Sandra held a photo shoot of her own for the first 40z Rock calendar. The response to her casting call was overwhelming. Women shared stories about how they felt about being 40-something. They loved being given permission (and even encouragement) to be fun, outgoing, flirty, glamorous, lively and adventurous at their age. This feedback fueled a fire and 40z Rock was born.

Sandra found her new calling. She knew all along that she would be doing something that inspired women. She tied that purpose into her boutique, whenever possible. Even when things did not turn out the way she thought they would, she trusted that God had something bigger and better for her. Now instead of only being able to reach the customers that walk into her boutique doors, she’s head of a movement with global reach. Her biggest reward comes from the calls and emails she gets from women all over the nation saying how much they love 40z Rock.

“They say it’s an inspiration to them. It’s taken them out of their comfort zone and they feel better about themselves,” Sandra shared. She recognizes that it is an accomplishment and an example to have a group for women that isn’t full of drama or headaches. Although her new vision is flourishing now, there were those that didn’t get what she wanted to do when 40z Rock started.

She warns, “When God gives you a vision, other people may not support or believe in it.” Sandra said while that wasn’t what she was hoping for, she didn’t let it discourage her because God had given her the vision for a reason. Though the initial calling was solely hers, the ongoing effort is a joint one. Sandra feels that anything successful requires a team. “Building people, pouring into people and allowing them to pour into you is important,” Sandra added. You can find out more about 40z Rock, and the model search they are currently having on their website

Be inspired to be your best, no matter what age you are!

Pictured: From left to right Mrs. Nelia McWashington Health Care Administrator, Dr. McDonald MD (OB/GYN), Sandra Wyckoff Founder of 40z Rock, Judge Hilary Green, Amna Plummer Dr. Dvh (Veterinarian) and Dr. Letitia Plummer DDS (Dentist).