5 Time Our Contributors Inspired Us in 2016


Reading something that changes your life and gives you the boost you need to make it to the next level of your journey is priceless. Here are five times our contributors really encouraged us to live our best in 2016. 

Prepare yourself early for success

Courtnaye Richards

Don’t wait until the clock strikes 12 a.m. next year to begin. Start now! It’s great to think or dream about change, making a difference in others’ lives, being successful or going to new heights in the new year. But without a clear vision and planning ahead, how can you truly see it happen? You must take action.  

The Value of Being You

Eva Headley

You can often overlook the treasure you have within and the opportunities around you. A passion you do for free can easily turn into your own business empire. You don’t have to be on a mission to chase your dreams when you can make them happen right where you are. Don’t be afraid to continue doing what you have already done this year. Instead, just turn up the hustle and work a little harder and smarter…to make 2017 great.  

No More Delay; Permission is Granted!

Melissa Williams Pope

Lovely one, know this: you have a BIG GREEN LIGHT over your life. The gas is in the car. It's time to put all those beautifully brilliant plans into motion. The world is waiting for the flame that only you can ignite. It's time to shine!

The Case for Grace

Pam Owens

Life is messy. At best, it can be a series of joyful pit stops and at its worst, it can leave you feeling like the credits just rolled on a lengthy movie and you are absolutely confused and perplexed about the ending.

The world we live in today seems like a series of unfortunate, scary, rapidly hopeless, alarming events. The political landscape alone has you scratching your head on the latest most offensive Facebook post. It’s as if good sense has exited stage left and has been replaced with reactive, explosive, angry words and actions.

It’s Not Good Enough until Its Good Enough

Vetta Cash

Five words clearly indicate that you have settled. Said in isolation these words are just fine, but when you string them all together they become a virus (or death sentence) for your dreams and standards: “This is good enough for now.” Why do we do that? Why do we use those words -- or any words -- to falsely label things when we know aren’t the truth? The basket in the corner is not a good piece of furniture and eggshell paint is not good unless you like eggshell paint (I like eggshell paint). Instead we should say, “It’s not quite there.” And we keep saying that until we are able to create the environment that accurately depicts who we really are. Good enough is NOT good enough anymore.