An Uncomfortable but Worthy Journey


Bestselling author Kim Cash Tate uses every channel she can to spread the Word of God. Tate’s books vividly tell the stories of her heart and echoes the words of the Bible. Her stories attack the depth of real-life issues with love and concern. The ability she has to capture and portray the hardships and glories of Christians and non-Christians alike is uncanny and hugely relatable.

It was 1999 when Tate felt the gentle nudging of God to begin writing Christian fiction novels. Although she was a bit overwhelmed, the highly successful attorney obeyed, albeit timidly. Tate had a love for writing, but novels were unfamiliar territory. She was clueless as to how the process even worked, but Tate knew when God said to do something that He would make provision for the process.

Around 2013, and seven books later, she felt the same nudging of the Lord. Only this time, it was to use a different medium. It may not have been apparent at the time, but God was preparing Tate for a new journey in her life—a journey that juxtaposed her own natural hair care and techniques, YouTube videos and Bible studies. It was a mixed bag, but it was perfect for God to accomplish His will and the next season in Tate’s life.

It all started when Tate decided to venture into the natural hair world. She thought it would simply be the beginning of a new hairstyle; but the closer she got to the “big chop,” the more she worried about what other people would think. In a day-in-age when everything is scrutinized, dissected and discussed via social media, Tate wondered how people would accept her new look.

“The Lord led me to cut my hair. Not only that, but He led me to be public about what was going on in my heart and the whole image aspect—how I was worried about what people would think about me as opposed to what God thinks about me,” Tate said.

It quickly became apparent to Tate that God had more in mind for her than just cutting her hair. By documenting her hair journey, Tate learned about her own insecurities. Her videos eventually evolved into a series on image and perception. Additionally, she became a pro at video editing and vlogging. But the question remained: Why was it necessary to start with hair care?

“Cutting my hair was a segue for me to begin using YouTube as a platform,” she said. “It became bigger than hair; it became another way [for me] to host online Bible studies and discuss spiritual issues.”

The seemingly unorthodox plan of God worked perfectly in Tate’s life. She is successfully utilizing YouTube to vlog and “bring the Word of God to life” in a more personal format. While she helps other grow their relationships with God, she will be the first one to admit that the more she delves into scripture, the more God exposes her own flaws and gives her the grace and opportunity to grow and become better.

Tate spends a great deal of her time studying and memorizing scriptures of the Bible. Thus, her blog posts and videos are deeply undergirded and entrenched in the Word of God.

“More than anything, I’m a Bible teacher at heart,” Tate said. “Everything I write is a way to express that. I’m always hoping and praying that people will be led to go to the Word of God for themselves and have a desire to know for themselves. I feel it’s nothing people need to hear from me. They need to hear from the Lord and the Word. I just want to be used as a vessel to convey that to people.”

From Ephesians to Psalms, Tate’s online Bible studies dive into Scripture and discover its applicable power to every situation in life.

For those who are waiting patiently for another novel, the wait won’t last much longer. Tate is currently working on a new book (untitled as of yet), as well as a new devotional. Until the big reveal, Tate is making her latest devotional, The God Who Sees: Encouragement for Moms, available as a free download to individuals who sign up through her website.

The new devotion speaks to the heart of women who feel overlooked and underappreciated. It encourages moms to keep moving forward because God sees the toiling in the shadows, and He will reward his own.

You can visit Tate’s website to download her new devotional and discover all of her additional material.

Photo Credit: Susan Keller Photography