It’s All about the C’s Competition – Communication - Championing


There is great power in COLLABORATION! In this case the Power of the Cs! Women make up 50% of the population and are responsible for the majority of purchasing decisions, therefore, it makes perfect sense that we come together for those projects we feel bring great value. Often times, however, we hear more about Competition than we do about the benefits of Collaboration.Womens Leadership LIVE (WLL) is Committed to Supporting, Uplifting and Championing Women Entrepreneurs and we take great pride in reaching out to other women who have the skills, expertise and innovations that are beneficial to all women and men.  The Founders have dedicated their energies, talents and passion to create a place ensuring that the stories of entrepreneurs – their courage, compassion, complexity, and humor – are embodied in one empowering place – a place that will make a difference in the lives of others – Women’s Leadership LIVE.

Individuals choose a life of Entrepreneurship as they are driven with the need to succeed and to create solutions from the simple to the complex. Sharing their Stories and Solutions is critical in reaching their target audience. And with an audience of 90 Million viewers and 40 years of Entrepreneurship, HSN’s show segment called American Dreams provides selected Entrepreneurs the ideal platform with LIVE TV air-time to achieve the ultimate American Dream.

At, Women’s Leadership LIVE (WLL), we are honored to announce our collaboration with HSN, and the HSN Academy with the goal to discover and identify emerging small businesses to continue the energy and optimism of HSN American Dreams.  As entrepreneurs, we have experienced firsthand the challenges business owners face.  WLL’s team is focused on helping make it easier for YOU to achieve your DREAMS.

So, whether you are driving content marketing for a product that has sweeping appeal or creating content to promote a product that targets a unique niche for TV, Radio or Print - the goals are the same. You need to create a campaign that appeals to your target audience. The WLL team gets it when it comes to the “Marketing Mindset” – we want Entrepreneurs to ‘Be Seen & Heard’!  Now for the enlightened men that get how women and men work together to support one another to make for a dream team that creates or lift up a brand’s voice.

Recognizing, the importance of continuing to build the almost 28 Million Small Businesses in America, Women’s Leadership LIVE continually seeks to:

  1. Reach out and CONNECT
  2. Use Social Media – it’s our modern-day CROSSROADS
  3. Engage in CONVERSATIONS
  4. Agree upon opportunities for COLLABORATION
  5. Recognize that there is No COMPETITION

When an economy is robust and continually growing, it benefits all citizens and Women’s Leadership LIVE fully recognizes that it takes Commitment and Collaboration to achieve the Goals and ultimately the American Dream.  We can't wait for you to check out our website and make your Dream submissions!

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