Rekindle Your Dreams!


Why do people defer their dreams? The great poet Langston Hughes wrote to us during the Harlem Renaissance about the possible outcomes for ignoring, delaying, postponing or even sabotaging personal dreams. Langston questions if a dream ever goes away or if it marinates long enough, he proposes that a dream can erupt into some massive movement if it’s ignored for too long (“or will it explode?”). The truth is that dreams are often either misinterpreted or aborted, never having a chance to materialize in the life of the person holding it. Oftentimes, fear of success or failure can become the headline for this story. Even worse than that idea is the notion that a person never speaks up about their dreams in the first place.

In Steve Harvey’s new book, Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success (Harper, 2014), he lays out the blueprint for overcoming your fears in order to activate the personal dreams you may have.

When you think about how to spend the rest of the year, you might contemplate shelving your childhood dreams for fear of losing momentum. Maybe you are afraid that your dreams will come true. Instead, you might consider resurrecting your dreams and taking a leap of faith to try something you haven’t done in a while: believing in yourself.

SPEAK UP! The quickest way to jumpstart your dreams is to speak them into existence and tell someone you trust about them. This action may seem uncomfortable, but, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” as Neale Donald Walsch beautifully explains. In other words, if you don’t get uncomfortable sometimes, you are not really growing or getting closer to your dreams.

ACT UP! You can also release your dreams by way of exploration and expression. Remember when you were a kid and you used to imagine the characters in your vision and create your own reality? Whether your dream was a treehouse or an elaborate mystery, you had a vision in your mind. You created it by acting it out or vocalizing what you saw in your dream. As a child, your imagination was at its peak and the act of speaking things into existence was the only currency you lived by. You didn’t need anyone’s permission to be creative and express what was truly in your heart.

We must adopt this mindset and recreate that feeling we had in our elementary years. What activities do you participate in that cause you to express what’s in your heart? Prioritize time to explore those activities more. Instead of just dreaming up that paradise vacation in the Cayman Islands, actually act out your experiences and even plan the first steps to your trip. Sound kind of uncomfortable? Well that is a good sign!

Resurrecting your dreams doesn’t have to be daunting. Harvey and other self-help masters suggest that eliminating excuses will get us closer to realizing that vision for our lives. Are you making excuses? Do you shy away from sharing your ideas? Do you let fear of success get in the way of your progress?

Allow yourself to soak up some inspiration over the next few days. Try something you’ve never done before. It’s important to seek those moments of awkwardness in order to reveal deeper insight into your dreams. And once you’ve done that, without thinking twice about it, save yourself from self-destruction by allowing your body to act on the desires of your heart.