Selenite Massage


Today more and more women are taking advantage of the opportunity to be their own boss. Many value the freedom it brings while others are passionate about bringing their innovative ideas to life. Tryphaena Hernandez is an example of a woman who falls into both of those categories. She isn’t afraid to take on a challenge. She embraces her passions for life, encouraging others, music, and massage therapy. Tryphaena sets goals and goes after them full force. Last year brought many new experiences for her. She not only received her massage therapy license, but she also got married and released her first single, “Love Wins”. Her marriage gave her the gift of a lovely daughter and she has another child on the way. Life has been very busy for her, but she continues to work toward her goals. It has always been a dream of hers to have her own massage practice. Through much hard work and planning Tryphaena was able to bring her dream into reality, opening Selenite Massage in Brownsburg, Indiana. Her clients commend her on her professionalism and attention to detail. Hernandez’s small business got its name from a healing crystal called Selenite which gets its name from Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon.

Hope for Women : How did you become interested in massage therapy?

Tryphaena Hernandez: One of my sisters developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome after having her first baby, and I really wanted to help her with the pain! I ended up researching hand and arm massages to help, and she actually suggested Massage school, and now here I am!

HOPE: What inspired you to start your own business?

TH: Massage therapy is incredibly healing, but can be lost in the shuffle of corporate-run businesses and sales. Because I’m a songwriter, massage became an orchestration of healing. There is no massage that will feel the same to perform. Having the ability to heal with an ever-changing treatment, according to what my client needs that day, is so powerful and so necessary! It’s much more easily found in a place where I can create my own atmosphere and it’s not by a certain protocol every time.

HOPE: If you could give advice to those interested in starting their own business what would you say?

TH: Be open-minded, but one-minded. I have a habit of starting several projects at once, and it can be overwhelming. Ask other business owners for tips for marketing, building clientele—anything they can give you, good or bad. It is so helpful to take notes! I’m still learning and building a client base, so I still have a lot to learn!

HOPE: What is one of the biggest challenges that you faced in the process of starting Selenite Massage?

TH: Marketing! There is so much that goes into drawing people in, whether it be word of mouth or social media posts. Selenite is just a small seed right now, but I have had this vision for two years now, and I know it will blossom.

HOPE: What role does your love for music play in your life?

TH: Music will always be in my heart and mind. It’s what pushed me through every dark time, every sad time, every terrifying moment. I have a tattoo that says: “Sing Anyway” and that describes my entire life. Things are going to change, and it may be the most wonderful time or the most devastating horror. Sing anyway. And that’s what I do, always.

HOPE: How do you find balance between family life, writing music, and work?

TH: It’s hard! I love my family time more than anything, so that comes before anything else. Writing music is something I do anywhere I am, and many times it’s been a word that I heard that inspired an entire song. I would scribble lyrics down as fast as they came into my mind. It’s never changed! I work part-time in order to be able to have ample experience and learn even more with massage, but also be able to spend time with my loved ones without being exhausted during family time.

HOPE: What would you say is your greatest accomplishment?

TH: Graduating my first year of college with honors. I went for a two year degree, with no hope of surviving that first year, and although I’ve accomplished much more since then, that feels like the first and best achievement!

HOPE: Who is a woman of influence in your life?

TH: My oldest sister, Adina. She essentially raised six of her siblings, due to our mother abusing drugs most of our lives. She never had a childhood, but she never once complained or made us feel like a burden. I was taught to love and be kind because of her. I was taught to demand respect and that I could and can still be anything as long as I fight for it and never back down. She has her own two little ones now, but I will always see her as “Mom”.

HOPE: What do you plan to do in the future?

TH: I would love to build my practice even further and be able to reach abuse victims through massage. This is a passion I’ve felt throughout my training in college, and touch is often something that makes victims of abuse cringe, but it’s so important. I would love to be able to have an outreach to teach healing massage.

HOPE: What inspires you to help others?

TH: When I’m able to look within myself and heal from past pain, cleanse my mind, and share healing with others, I feel inspired.

Tryphaena still hopes to one day expand her practice and continue to further her education regarding Massage Therapy.