Getting Grounded in Your Friendships, Let Spring Encourage New Growth

Infusing happier friendships into your life through genuine experiences and a light budget

As spring arrives, the sun often reminds us to come outside and witness how nature evolves after a dull winter. Slowly, we recognize budding flowers and the air becomes clearer with each breeze. This is the feeling of renewal that we experience: a transparent moment of growth happening between the sun, rain clouds and the living plants below.

Believe it or not, a similar experience can happen with the renewal of our friendships. Whether childhood-based or recently established, every connection we claim between one another is a chance for growth through transparency and genuine experiences together. Nature provides plenty of opportunities for experiencing this type of openness, helping to renew your friendships and get grounded.

Here are a few ideas to motivate stronger connections with your best buds:

Maintain meaningful friendships through experiences with nature:

  • Take walks in a neighborhood park or beach
  • Visit the botanical gardens
  • Hang out at the zoo (kid friendly)
  • Take an outside yoga class or workout
  • Make a bag of homemade bath salt as a gift (totally easy, here’s the recipe:
  • Have a BBQ! Inviting friends over for a potluck-styled cookout is always a good idea. Besides, sunshine, mimosas and kabobs just go together so nicely.

Other ways to reconnect with old friends or surprise the new ones:

  • Write a handwritten Thank You note
  • Make an iTunes or Spotify playlist for a special occasion
  • Start a book club
  • Collect old photos from your phone, print them and put them in a photo album to celebrate the happy moments
  • Give a random shout out on social media or send an email card (Try: for something unique)

For ideas on unique events to attend or how to learn a new skill, try going to an event on or search

Now that you have a few cheap, easy ideas to motivate you to grow deeper in your friendships, make an effort to plan these types of activities on a monthly basis. Reconnecting with friends after a few days or weeks makes for richer conversation. But if you and your bestie spend plenty of time together, you next best option is to try something new that neither of you have done before.

Long-lasting friendships are about forgiveness, freedom and fun. Try any of these ideas to strengthen your bonds. Remember that friendship should be about growth first. You should always have compassion for one another and learn to appreciate the personality of others, no matter what circumstances come up. If you need a reminder of how to grow, even in tough times, just open the door and take a walk outside. Nature is sure to remind you of how connected we all truly are and how much we need each other.