Jai Fears: Making it Happen


Despite despair Jai Fears was still alive so she carried on The entertainment industry is the lucky beneficiary of the artistic genius of Jai Fears, who brings a conglomerate of abilities and talents that is truly outstanding. From professional actor to modeling to recording artist and every artistic genre in between, Fears is blazing her own trail and establishing her own platform.

When Fears looks over her life, she reminisces through eyes filled with gratefulness because the blossoming career and life that she experiences hasn’t come without literal blood, sweat and tears. Many emotions and thoughts abound for the Detroit native, but bitterness has never been among them. She has certainly endured a great deal, but Fears made a conscious decision a long time ago to focus on her survival rather than her struggle.

Singing, dancing, choreography, and the like take up most of Fears’ life and focus, but there were times not too long ago when her time and attention were consistently usurped with recurring themes of death, sickness and lack. In her early adolescent years, the start of her entertainment career began what would seem like years of tribulation and heartache for Fears and her family. At the age of 10, while preparing for school one morning, Fears’ grandmother suddenly came into her room and collapsed on her bedroom floor.

Tragically, she has been forced to deal with death on multiple occasions. In fact, years later it was Fears who was burdened with the task of contacting emergency officials for her suddenly fallen-ill stepfather. Again, death ultimately ensued. The theme continued, but the task and weight it carried became no less burdensome and overwhelming—especially when death’s non-discriminatory persistence called for her 4-month-old brother. Through it all, she somehow maintained her sanity, composure and strength.

“I’ve had to be so strong at a young age to be there for my mom because she lost so many people in her life,” Fears said. “Can you imagine losing your husband, both parents, and your son? That’s a lot. That’s like everyone in your circle. Before I was 21, I couldn’t even mourn because I was trying to be strong.”

It’s not so much of Fears’ own ability to dust herself off and push through—she maintains it was her reliance on faith.

“We just kept praying and going to church, understanding that everything happens for a reason,” she said. “I just look at it like more angels are watching and protecting me.”

Resilient as ever, Fears kept moving forward toward reaching her goals. But at the same time, it seemed tribulation was a step ahead and around every corner. Only strength could keep someone steady in the face of homelessness. She managed to still graduate with top honors. It has to be sheer determination to survive a house fire that completely destroyed everything. And, plausibly, it can only be by the power of faith that one can buoy back from waking from a peaceful night’s rest to a rare, mysterious skin disorder that ravages the entire body for months, but disappears with no reasonable explanation.

It’s not a fictional narrative.

It has been Fears’ life, but she’s not looking for pity. Her responses have always been nothing short of thankfulness and gratitude. “I turn to my faith over everything,” she said. “If I didn’t have that, I don’t know how I would make it through anything. Whenever things are going on, I just ask God to give me wisdom, and I always try to be thankful. No matter what. If I get into a car accident, I just always say, ‘Thank you, Jesus,’ because I made it out alive. I’m still here.”

Not only has she made it out of each struggle alive, but she has thrived beyond what her circumstances or she could have imagined. Despite the shadows death has cast, she continues to liven up the stage and give vitality to other people. Jai Fears may not be a household name around the world (yet), but she is certainly doing her part to spread the word. As a background singer and choreographer for famed musician Charlie Wilson for nearly 10 years, Fears is back in the studio (she has already written and recorded music) for herself working on a new project.

She says her eclectic sound is a mix of Justin Timberlake, a throwback to the soulful greats of Aretha Franklin—whom, by-the-way, she has performed behind—and James Brown, infused with hi-octane dance beats. Moreover, Fears’ schedule is also filled with acting, modeling and now, motivational speaking.

Entertainment is her outlet. It’s her way of expressing her own experiences and possibly helping someone else in the process. Moreover, it’s because she has a lot to say and even more reasons to be thankful.