Love Yourself More – A Talk with April Love

aprilheadshotLifestyle changes are hard. Quick fixes (diets, fasts, etc.) are okay for a short-term goal or a nice kick start to a long-term solution. However, when taking care of your body, mind, and spirit, changes have to come with a stronger sense of commitment and greater source of need. That’s what happened to April Love during the Thanksgiving holiday season. She received a diagnosis that would dramatically change her lifestyle. “I was not at all aware about breast cancer to this extent. I knew a couple of people, but no one in my immediate family. I was kind of oblivious and apathetic,” Love states. “I really saw it as an old person’s disease. Like, that’s how they transition out of this life because of cancer. So, I didn’t get how prevalent it was; I was not in that conversation.” Now, she wears pink in her hair just so she can talk about it.

Love is the information hub for her family, friends and anyone who will listen. “They will call me from the grocery store asking about should I buy this or wanting to know what I recommend for a certain ailment,” she explains. “My social media outlets are another way I educate people just about healthy living and eating.”

The best defense is an educated one. With the diagnosis at Stage 2b, it was estrogen receptor positive. She had to quickly educate herself and begin exploring treatment options. Love learned, “I’m the first person to say stay away from the pharmaceutical drugs, but holistic medicine takes time and I didn’t have that kind of time.” So, she did the recommend rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, and is now a four-year breast cancer survivor. However, her larger, much longer battle was making the necessary changes to stay healthy and strong. “I came to the realization that the meds were treating the symptoms. I needed to treat the central cause, so I had to make some changes.”

With that new mindset, she eats organically, takes time for herself, juices regularly, and uses essential oils daily.

AprilthesurvivorHer advice for how people can make five small healthy changes to have good health: 1. Get moving! Take a walk. Get some fresh air. The sun is Vitamin D and strengthens cells. If you don’t like the gym, there are so many other options. Find the thing that works for you!

2. Drink a lot of water. Start your day and end your day with water. It’s the best way to cleanse your system.

3. Eat your vegetables, especially the green ones.

4. Dedicate some me time and start a gratitude journal.

5. Stop eating processed food! No more eating food that can stay on the shelf for weeks at a time. Read labels and eat stuff that is made with real products.

Love sees life as a way to impact those around in the most positive way possible. Her bucket list has grown over the years and continues to grow because she wants to take full advantage of life. Some top items include launching a ministry, publishing her book, producing a film that brings attention to the dangers of western medicine and how we should be eating to live, and visiting Bali.

Her passion for life embodies our Take Care of You theme. “I really want an Eat, Pray, Love experience. So, traveling is one of the most important things on my list,” she shares. “People have to understand how important it is to take time to find your purpose. You have to take hold of the time that you have and walk in that direction so that you don’t waste another day. All of us are going to do something amazing.”