Lucinda Cross: Speaking, Writing, Sharing and Living Her Truth

The influential speaker motivates women to be powerful forces in the worldSometimes it’s very difficult, especially for women, not to allow the mistakes of the past to influence the positive progress of the future. All too often, individuals shut down and permit momentary mistakes to stew, take root, and turn into excuses for life-long mediocrity. Lucinda Cross was determined to live a bold, fearless, fantastic, and fulfilling life, despite the mammoth mistake she made when she was a fresh, enterprising, 18-year-old college student. It was simply that—a mistake, a temporary lapse in judgment. Indeed, it was one she had to pay for by forfeiting four-and-a-half years of her freedom. However, she still recognized that she was an overcomer and was never defeated. Cross was determined to come out on the other side more powerful and more fabulous than ever. She would never become a statistic, and she would take control of her life. Cross had a “song in her heart and was ready to dance to the beat of her tune.”

Her self-proclamations and life-affirming concepts are the foundational platforms that she now stands on and uses to encourage other seemingly stalled and hopeless women to adopt as mantras for themselves.

Cross is a new breed of empowerment speaker, life coach, and brand ambassador. In fact, it’s very hard even to label her as such—the terms all seem too pigeonholed and small for someone as vibrant and bright as Cross. Her bold and fearless personality can’t be contained or described, but, using her own “super” terms, she’s a creative life activator, rock-the-mic renegader, pay-to-play empowerment partner, and celebrity life coach.

“I have always liked to do things quite differently. Not so different that someone can’t understand, but different enough to get a reaction from people,” she says. Cross gets more than reactions from people—she spurs them to change. Her message to women is simple: Live a life of fire, fun and freedom.

“I help people develop their weaknesses and encourage their strengths,” she said. “I will ask a woman to go through her past and discover what she liked to do as a little girl. Often when women open up, they tap into a burning desire that they never knew was inside. They realize they aren’t even doing what they want to do. Instead, they are doing something based on what other people are doing, and I tell them you don’t have to do what you see Lucinda doing. What you have is so much greater because it’s you and your truth. It’s like cracking the code and pulling out the true identity of a little 5-year-old girl before life got in the way.”

Among so many other things, Cross is the founder of the enormously popular Activate! Conference. Held annually, Activate! presents a series of informative events with the purpose of “activating” the power inside of women. The conference draws women of every kind, along with leaders from every industry, to discuss topics women want and need. They are encouraged to live fearlessly and effectively. Activate! 2015 is already slated for Sept. 20 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Cross can be found everywhere. She jokes she’s “Googlicious.” The always-on-the-move wife and mother has pinned and collaborated on several books—including the best-selling Road to Redemption and Corporate Mom Dropouts—hosts empowerment sessions across the country, been featured on virtually every major television network, and contributes to many national media outlets from Huffington Post to “The Tom Joyner Morning Show.” Nevertheless, at this point in her life, she admits she’s more concerned with convincing women to collaborate and create together.

“I want to do more with other powerful women,” she said. “We have to realize that we may not even like each other some days, but we have to keep our eyes on the mission. If more women can focus on the ‘we’ nation and not the ‘me’ nation, then we can take over, and God will be so pleased.”

Currently, Cross is busy with her newly established International Association of Platform Builders, which will offer courses and opportunities for people to share their voices, build better businesses, and stand out.