New partnership empowers survivors of domestic violence

cell-phonesImagine being in a room with no door, no windows and no light. Not a familiar creature comfort or a friend pull you out. In addition to being isolated, your spirit is crushed, your body is scarred and broken and you believe there is no way out. You're trying to reconcile being placed in this room by someone you love and who you believed loved you. This is the reality of each day in the life of a victim of intimate partner violence. Fear. Loneliness. Hopeless.

One out of every four women will experience some form of domestic violence in their lifetime. This means your co-worker, neighbor, sister or simply your favorite barista at the coffee shop who greets you with a smile each morning could be living in a prison.  

Victims of domestic violence often report feelings of embarrassment, thoughts of hopelessness and fear as reasons for not revealing their abuse to others. Often only after a horrific and tragic circumstance, such as hospitalization, suicide attempt or near-death experience, will the victim speak out. With such barriers for these women, we must make it as easy as possible for them to reach out when they are ready and able to take the first step.  

Thankfully programs like HopeLine from Verizon Wireless assist in this process.

HopeLine is a phone recycling program that collects wireless phones, batteries, chargers and accessories from any service provider to benefit victims and survivors of domestic violence. Donations are then turned into valuable financial support for domestic violence awareness and prevention initiatives.

Empowering survivors of domestic violence is important part of my work as a therapist. I am excited to join with Hope for Women magazine to announce a new and exciting partnership with HopeLine from Verizon. We will be sharing more details on what this partnership will mean.

Certainly there are many programs you could donate to, but here’s why you should consider doing so to benefit causes that support domestic violence awareness:

  • Perpetrators of abuse often restrict victim's access to communication devices and/or monitor their victim's usage of phones, email and social media.
  • Victims are at higher risk of lethality and life-threatening injury when fleeing their abuser.
  • Victims in rural areas are less likely to have access to reliable means of communication.
  • You are not only improving the quality of life of the victim, but are provided safety and increasing the probability of recovery for their children.
  • HopeLine accepts wireless phone from ANY manufacturer and any service provider.
  • It costs you nothing but time and compassion.
  • You become part of the solution which means YOU ROCK!

So dig in that old junk drawer, rally your coworkers or even coordinate a collection drive and drop off those phones and old equipment at any Verizon Wireless store. Her life depends on it.