February 2018

A review of the biggest events of the month “The life of the dead is placed on the memories of the living. The love you gave in life keeps people alive beyond their time. Anyone who was given love will always live on in another’s heart.”― Marcus Tullius Cicero

On Wednesday February 14, seventeen people lost their lives at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in a school shooting.

Alyssa Alhadeff, a 14 year old soccer player loved by her family and the community.

Peter Wang, 15.

Scott Beigel, a geography teacher who died trying to protect his students from the shooter.

Helena Ramsay, 17.

Martin Duque Anguiano, a 14 year old student with his whole life ahead of him.

Nicholas Dworet, a 17 year old star swimmer on his way to the University of Indianapolis in the fall.

Joaquin Oliver, 17.

Aaron Feis, an assistant football coach who ran toward the sound of bullets and threw himself in front of his students to save their lives.

Meadow Pollack, an 18 year old looking forward to college at Lynn University.

Alex Schachter, 14.

Jaime Guttenberg, a 14 year old student and sister and daughter.

Luke Hoyer, a joyful and loving 15 year old.

Carmen Schentrup, 16.

Chris Hixon, an athletic director who went above and beyond for his students.

Cara Loughran, a 14 year old dancer who was always smiling.

Gina Montalto, 14.

Alaina Petty, a 14 year old who loved to serve her community and volunteer.

We don’t know the stories of all these people, and what we do know is barely a fraction of the full and meaningful lives that they lived. We owe them more than a picture and a sentence biography. What we owe them is their lives, but it’s too late for that.

But it’s not too late to do something. For the heroes. For the victims. For the families that have to wake up every day and find a way to go on when their reason to live has been taken from them. Because this is about more than news headlines and scoring political points. These are people. These are our neighbors. These are our brothers and sisters.

And tomorrow it could be us.