A Candid Conversation with Dorinda Walker

How the Transformation from Hopelessness and Despair Can Lead to an Extraordinary Life

Dorinda Walker, Vice President of Consumer Strategy and Key Initiatives within Multicultural Marketing for Prudential's U.S. Businesses. Mrs. Walker is responsible for planning and implementing profitable growth strategies among diverse consumer sectors.  HOPE was able to catch up with Mrs. Walker and glean some powerful and personal insight about her journey. Dorinda’s transparency is so refreshing. Her candor in revealing her demoralizing past solidifies the meaning of an overcomer.

She has faced many challenges yet has managed to overcome the influx of obstacles. She has survived numerous pitfalls, not solely by her own validity, but by her staunch faith in God. Dorinda has just released a book, Protected by Purpose, detailing how she discovered the path to her destiny and how she has been elevated by her experiences in an effort to help other women to do the same…

HOPE: What prompted your transition from your previous job/career/venture into what you are currently doing? How did you decide that you were ready to take a leap of faith to change your path?  

Dorinda Walker: I’m fortunate to have a successful career in corporate America.  However, I knew that I didn’t want my career to be solely defined by what I do in the corporate world. I have a desire to advocate for those whose voices are suppressed, i.e., victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, physical and sexual abuse, etc. I want my legacy to be one of service and substance.  Writing and distributing my book has enabled me to make a seamless transition into motivational speaking and community advocacy.

HOPE: What do you enjoy most about what you do? 

DW: Giving back by sharing my gifts and talents with others. If my work inspires or empowers someone to take a positive action to find personal fulfillment, peace and success, I’ve been successful.  There’s nothing more rewarding than someone telling you that your work has inspired or helped them. That feeling fuels the passion that warms my soul.

HOPE: What experience(s) have you overcome that you feel that could have destroyed you, but instead, you were elevated because you survived it?

DW: I overcame, what some would say were enormous challenges, including the trials of a dysfunctional childhood, parents addicted to heroin, domestic abuse, living a dangerous street life as a drug dealer, my struggles with mental health issues and attempting suicide. I not only survived these things, I went on to become a community change agent and an award-winning business leader.

HOPE: How do you wish for your story/work to impact others? What difference(s) are you striving to make?

DW: I want people to know that through it all, they can turn their tragedies into triumphs with love, faith, and forgiveness—I hope to inspire people to know that they can empower themselves to not only survive but go on to achieve success beyond their wildest dreams with distinct purpose.

HOPE: How did you discover your calling/purpose? How did realize that you are doing what you were meant to do? 

DW: I knew that sharing my story was part of my purpose when strangers responded by crying, hugging me, thanking me, and opening up about their own struggles. I knew that this was what God wanted me to do.  It is part of my calling in life.

HOPE: Who is your biggest inspiration?

DW: I recently lost my grandmother. Although I was devastated by the loss, I took the time to reflect on how thankful I am to have spent 47 years of life with this phenomenal woman. She taught me the importance of love and kindness. No matter what difficulties she experienced, she always greeted others with a hug and a warm smile, she never hesitated to assist anyone in need or missed an opportunity to say, “I love you”. I will always be grateful to have known and loved her and will try my best to live by her example.

HOPE: What advice would you give to yourself when you were that young girl that attempted suicide (twice)? 

DW: You are worthy, you are enough, the only limits you have in this life are those you place on yourself, and never let your fear outweigh your faith.

HOPE: If you had to choose only (1) word to accurately describe you right now, in this present moment, what would it be? 

DW: Blessed

HOPE: What is something that most people do not know about you? 

DW: I love to spend time at the beach and / or pool.  I love the water and enjoy swimming.

HOPE: What is next for you? Are there any projects or additional pertinent projects that you have that you would like to share? 

DW: My immediate priorities are selling my book, so my publisher’s investment in helping me share my story of inspiration to the masses is fulfilled. In addition to delivering a meaningful and life changing national empowerment experience through my “Protected by Purpose” tour.

If I positively impact and bless just one life in each city, I will be elated! I plan on bringing the experience to 12 cities across the country and hope to expand to a few international markets. My first tour stop is April 6 in Dallas, TX, followed by Montclair, NJ on April 22, Chicago, IL on May 26 and Houston, TX on June 7. Additional dates will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

HOPE: How can we find you or learn about you?

DW: [My website] www.dorindawalker.com and @dorindawalker on all social media channels.  Be sure to subscribe to my mailing list via my website.