Gwen Finley

Women everywhere are working hard to make a difference in their communities and the world at large. Some have overcome tremendous adversity and find ways to keep going. Others have blazed a path where few women have gone before. But, all of them are making a difference in some way. Each month Hope for Women seeks out and talks with one such woman thanks to the nomination of readers. Read the stories of women much like you and be inspired to make a difference today!

Hope for Women: Who has been your biggest inspiration?

Gwen Finley: Other than my mom, I'm really inspired by several women in ministry and business. I love seeing women and men (especially those who have conquered many challenges) who pursue their passion and are not afraid of making strides in life. 

HFW: What do you do to encourage others?

GF: I love creating platforms for others to expose, develop and share their gifts and talents. Often I plan events and gatherings which will allow people to utilize their gifts where they would otherwise not have that opportunity.

HFW: What obstacles have you overcome?

GF: Health has been a really big obstacle in the last 15 to 20 years and I am still working to improve my habits and regimens in order to bring wellness into my life. I have more recently overcome a very unexpected job loss and divorce, which resulted in depression. As I began to increase my faith in God and hope in His word, I have been able to overcome that depression and recover much of what was lost.

HFW: What do you most enjoy about what you do?

GF: I love when I am able to help someone uncover what is hidden inside of them or their ministries. I also love helping people bring creativity and organization to their business or ministry through my personal services ministry, NewG Praise Productions (formerly, God’s Creative Editions). I love it when I can help create a profile and outlook for businesses and ministries that will exhibit the best they have to offer. My motto is, “We’re creating the image you want the world to see!”

HFW: What’s one message you wish all woman could hear?

GF: I wish all women could hear, know and believe that there IS something great on the inside of them. The greatness is not a dream, but rather a reality that is waiting to be awakened.

Gwen Finley

NewG Praise Productions

MsG*s Ladies Lounge (Online Radio Talk Show), Host/Founder